I’m going to go out on a limb and say that tonight’s dinner might have been the best dinner I’ve made to date (since being married anyway).

I made the roasted/baked (I don’t know) chicken drumsticks with onion and potatoes in the crockpot. It was so good. Like so good, that I felt like Masterchef material after this dinner.

Since I started blogging again, I’ve been trying to not make the same dinners over and over again. The last time I made this chicken, it was okay – a little under seasoned, a little boring, but not bad. After that dinner we were on a crockpot roll, and we’ve tried to make several different dishes in it – including a coke soy sauce chicken, an onion soup mix chicken, a sauce, a meatloaf, and a lasagna!

My mom made a comment last time they were over for dinner when she realized that we’d made the lasagna in the crockpot. She didn’t know there was so much that you could do with it; and really neither did we until we did a lot of research (aka Googling: what can I make in a crockpot that isn’t stew…). She said, “I never knew you could do all that, and you guys are practically living off it.” I guess that’s kinda true. There are only so many meals we eat at home, and quite a few of them are cooked in that crockpot! (Thanks to S and C for the great gift!)

All that to say that I feel quite comfortable using the crockpot now, especially for dishes that we’ve tried already – so much so that we’re considering dubbing one of the days a crockpot day (we’re thinking crockpot Tuesday or something). Today, I decided to try my own seasoned chicken again.

In a large bowl, I put half a cut up onion (leftover from when LG cooked the other day and did we really need a whole onion tonight?), the thawed chicken drumsticks, and two handfuls of cut up baby potatoes. I seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, a dash of oregano, two shakes of cumin, two rounds of oil, and two rounds of soy sauce. Then I got down and dirty and mixed it all up with my hands, making sure everything was covered.

I lined the crockpot with tin foil and then arranged the chicken so that it was nice and centered for the most part. I put in the potatoes along the sides and sprinkled the onions on top. The big bowl I was using still had a lot of the seasoning on the sides so I added a little bit of water and swirled it around. I poured that water stuff into a little measuring cup for a little more control, and then I drizzled that over the chicken for a nice little sauce.


Now, I don’t know if its because I remembered the soy sauce this time or because I mixed it all up together (last time I just seasoned the chicken I think) or maybe it was that I lined the crockpot.

Regardless it was delicious, and I was very proud of myself.

It got to a point where I thought to myself, “this is a dish I could make for my grandfather.” We’ve put off having him over for dinner and to see the house because I’ve been so embarrassed about the dinners I cook. Sure my husband eats it and says that it’s good (or okay), but he’s my husband. I didn’t want to ask my grandfather over and serve him icky food, but now maybe we can have him over!


I served the chicken with a side of buttered pasta and his and her glasses of milk (chocolate for him and strawberry for me 😀 – diluted with regular milk).

We tidied up and got the blue and green bins ready to take out in the morning.

He’ll have dinner with his parents tomorrow, and I think my mom is having us over for dinner on Thursday; then Friday night dinner the day after. No more cooking for me this week!

I was thinking that next week I’ll try some of the dishes that I made during our first month of marriage. Really I didn’t cook much though because of the babysitting and the FND and then it was like the holidays and meals got messy during those weeks. So we’ll see.



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