I came home to a few happy surprises and a sleeping husband tonight.

When I got home, I noticed that he left the light above the stove on for me. I went to go turn it off and noticed that he had bought me a little treat (Reese’s peanut butter cup minis) while he was on the grocery run. I put them away in the pantry. He’d also left out two oranges because I mentioned that I might want to eat them when I got home; when I put those away, I saw that he’d made and packed me a sandwich for tomorrow – have I mentioned that he makes the yummiest sandwiches!


He’d also left out our marriage certificate that arrived in the mail! Ah! It’s so exciting to see that piece of paper (and I know it’s just a piece of paper, but still). It’s like legit and official and forever and ever and ever 😀


Tonight we went to my mom’s house for dinner. LG went home before going to my mom’s so that he could shower. He also grabbed me a change of clothes. When I got there, I sat around with my sister – aka she watched something on her iPad and I went through my phone while Mom finished cooking.

LG got there just in time when all the steaks were ready. I don’t know who my mom thinks she’s feeding but we had monster-sized rib-eye steaks for dinner. I would say about two fingers thick (like when fancy people order drinks: “can I get two fingers of scotch” or something like that…I don’t know, I’m not fancy like that)! She’d also made mashed potato and green beans topped with mushroom beef gravy- exactly what our steak dinners always look like.


It was yums, and it was filling which meant plenty to spare for leftovers!


We didn’t stay too long; it was late already, and I think LG is coming down with a cold. He’s all stuffy and plugged up. His nose is all drippy – gross. He still made me a sandwich when we got home though. I cleaned up the sink stuff and peeled oranges for us for tomorrow. He went to bed, and I started a load of laundry and showered.

We’re considering keeping this Thursday at Mom’s as a weekly thing, but I don’t know yet. We’d have to shift our schedule around; we want to be able to eat together at home most nights, and it hasn’t been feeling that way. So we’ll see. With our new schedules, it looks like it might have to be that way.

Friday tomorrow! LG called my grandfather to request a veggie dish for tomorrow night, but he said that he’d maybe make it next week since he’d bought the veggie for this week already. Oh well, I’m sure whatever he makes will be yummy!


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