I picked my sister up before I went home yesterday. LG was going to be home so that we’d have just enough time to maybe get to my grandfather’s on time.

We hung out on the bed, and I bothered her while she did sudoku. Actually, I went through her bag first. She’d got it for Christmas from my grandfather, and I’d never had a chance to really inspect it! It reminds me of my Marc Jacobs bag but with a sturdier body (look at me all sounding like I know things about bags…). It’s really cute; Yeh did a good job.

LG came home and showered. We packed up and were on our way. We were still the last ones to arrive though – even my uncle was there before us!

GJ had already done the meds and put out plates and bowls. The little sister (K) was doing the forks and knives with the place mats and napkins. She actually did a pretty good job – except she keeps forgetting that Dad uses a plate instead of a bowl now (it’s been three months, but no one seems to remember). I also checked over the plates and bowls. I put a bowl away (because GJ didn’t remember about Dad either), added a couple of plates, and took out a bowl for M.  I called K over then to have her name who needs what. She got it pretty much on par (good training!).

It was a full house at dinner. M and L were off the hook and allowed (had) to sit at their own little table by the TV. We tried to settle an Easter dinner. Someone had already planned their own for Saturday, Dad had something to do the Friday, GJ had a dinner on Sunday, and we were busy Saturday and Sunday. Long story short, the plan was that we wouldn’t do anything at Yeh’s; they’d just go to the one planned for Saturday. But that also means no FND this week :(!


LG and I ate together really late today. He went to work and brought home bbt for me!

I have been trying (aka I just did) to do this thing where I plan our meals for the next two weeks rather than week by week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Since our schedules are different now, we plan dinner for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at home (unless other plans are made). Wednesday we still have to play around with. Thursday is looking to be like a Mom’s place for dinner night; and Friday is FND as always.

So I’d planned to make fried rice with the leftovers from dinner at my mom’s this past week, buuuuut we didn’t have any leftover rice! I’d thought about making rice last night just to keep it in the fridge for today, but that didn’t happen. I improvised and made fried macaroni instead.

I cut the green beans down to size and sliced the steak (like a pro) to prep. When I boiled the macaroni, I added a touch more oil than usual to make sure it didn’t all stick together when I tried to stir fry it afterwards. I drained the macaroni and put the green beans and steak in the same pot I’d just used to heat it up a bit with a splash of soy sauce. Once it was hot, I added the macaroni back in with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder (basically my go-tos) and mixed it all together – oh, and a second drizzle of soy sauce.

Not bad, not bad.


We did a couple more loads of laundry – just to empty the baskets out for the week. He watched some shows, and I took a little nap (with my mascara on, big mistake). When I woke up, LG made me a smoothie that I drank while he folded socks. I don’t wear socks unless completely necessary, and I don’t fold socks unless completely necessary.

Sounds awful, but socks are the worst part about laundry. Now that we have our laundry on the top floor, there’s no lugging the laundry baskets up and down the stairs or anything; so really the worst part is socks.



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