LG had a workshop that he had to do for work today. He didn’t get home until mid-afternoon. I slept in. I woke up, ate a little bit, and then spent the rest of the time watching The O.C. while I waited for him to come home.

When he got home, I had the crazy idea to walk to my mom’s house (we were meeting with them to have dinner together). It was a nice clear blue sky kinda of day, and I get the idea to go for walks all the time (it like never happens but sometimes he just doesn’t let me get out of it).

We got into comfy walking clothes and put on our walking shoes. We put on our spring-ish jackets because it was still quite cool outside (and getting later in the day).


We walked from our home to my mom’s house. 4.4 km by car, but we walked a different route so it’s 4.4 give or take a little bit. It was that weird I’m feeling warm because my blood is pumping but the air is really cold feeling for most of the walk. We had the sun warming our backs, and the cool air making our ears and cheeks red. I don’t know if I’m so fond of that feeling. It reminded me of when we shovel the driveway and I’m working up a sweat, but when I stop for a breath the cold air gives me chills. Not fun.


But the sun was still up when we got to my mom’s house. She called when we were 15 minutes away, shocked that we were actually walking. To be fair, five steps out of the house I suggested we go back inside to get the car keys… But we made it all the way there, and my mom was waiting outside the house to capture the moment on her phone. She made us slow down so she could take the picture, but I had to pee so badly!

I stripped off my jacket and unzipped my sweater and then joined my mom and LG on the porch. After a little while though, the cold air got to me and I had to zip my sweater back up and put my jacket back on. My aunt and cousins were in their garage getting ready to go for a little family bike ride as we waited for my sister to come home so we could go to dinner. Long story short, we all went for dinner together and ate all the yummy foods. My little cousin M had like 15 dumplings (okay, maybe not that many but it had to be more than 8!). He’s going to go to school as a dumpling tomorrow, I’m sure!

My mom drove us home, and LG started to get all our files organized for tax stuff. Fun.

This week we would be trying our new dinner schedule, but with Easter coming up and my birthday (:D!!!) it’s really all going to be pretty much up in the air for the most part. So we’ll do the new schedule for realsies in a couple of weeks, I guess.


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