I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like things have been going pretty well in the kitchen for me lately. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing more cooking in the crockpot so it’s more putting stuff together and letting the crockpot do the making it not raw thing. Who knows.

We’ve had leftover bacon forever (remember that time I went grocery shopping and bought extra things, including two packs of bacon?). We used some and froze some. I cut the frozen one in half and used that. Finally tonight, I used up the rest of the it – no more bacon in the house (should I buy some more?).

I originally set out to make a cream sauce of some sort. I even scheduled it on our calendar as “bacon pinterest pasta” for our dinner – tomorrow is chicken breast with gravy over rice by the way. But looking in the fridge, I realized we don’t really have that much cream (plus it was only half and half); so I looked up other bacon pasta recipes. Carbonara recipes kept coming up. I avoided them because the first time we tried to make it it didn’t turn out so well; but when I gave up on the cream sauce idea, I knuckled down and settled to make carbonara.

I got my linguine (LG likes linguine) boiling in a pot of salted water. I fried up my bacon nice and crispy. I cracked two eggs in a bowl and freely added parmesan to mix all together. When it all looked ready to go, I got a separate bigger bowl and lifted out the pasta (the recipe said to save some of the water that the pasta was boiled in for later, but I didn’t do that), hoping that since I didn’t strain the water whatever clung to the pasta would be enough. I poured in the egg and parm mixture and tossed it. I added the bacon next and just a little bit of the bacon grease for taste, tossing it a little more. A dash more of salt and a sprinkle or two of pepper and we were good to go.


It looks kind of boring, but I was so worried about it even turning out at all that I’m really proud of it still. It tasted good and filled us; I’ll work on presentation next time (but that means we have to buy more bacon :D).



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