Tonight was our first taste of a hectic dinner evening. We both got back pretty late (later than usual anyway). Sigh. Good thing it was an easy-ish dinner.

LG had defrosted the chicken, and I sliced it before I left the house. I got home, changed, and then started on dinner right away.

I marinated the chicken with my “classic” rub – salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a splash of soy sauce; melted some butter in the pan, and then put the chicken in. While that was cooking, I washed the rice and got that in the pot too. The thing that took the longest that I really should have prepped earlier were the green beans. I cut the ends off and washed them; LG watched over the chicken, got the gravy ready, and started a pot of water for the green beans.

With the two of us cooking the different components, we managed to get dinner ready rather quickly. I think we really have to get the meal prep done ahead of time though, that way we can start dinner right when we get home and not have to worry about getting all the stuff ready. Can you imagine if I had had to slice the chicken too? At least I was able to get it into the pan pretty much right away.

Ugh, the dinner scramble is real.



It’s going to be real tomorrow too, but we’ve planned our easy, lazy dinner so it should be fine. I can already feel the craziness of this weekend. We won’t be home for dinner until…until next Wednesday, really. Oh my goodness. Thursday, dinner at his parents, Friday dinner with my mom (or FND, not sure). Saturday, famjam. Sunday, far away jam. Monday, long weekend dinner – mostly likely out. Tuesday, my birthday and Mom is cooking (right, Mom? You’re gonna make that thing??). Which brings us back to Wednesday, the night that may from now on be dubbed the easy, lazy dinner night.

The bright side is…family time AND my birthday 😀


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