It’s Thursday, which according to our newly scheduled schedule was supposed to mean that we had dinner at my mom’s; but with the craziness that we are about to embark on this weekend, she opted out of feeding us…

We decided to take that opportunity to have dinner at his parents instead. We made the plans and everything, and then we realized that depending on when they got back from work (it varies) they might end up having to wait for me and that is definitely not idea (especially when you have a table full of hungry, tired men). It ended up that LG had dinner there and brought food home for me.

In the short time that I got home and before he got home, I changed and started marinating the chicken for tomorrow (FND is back on and it’s potluck style). I peeled potatoes and cut onions. I threw the drumsticks into the bowl on top of all that. Then I went on my phone to check an older post to make sure I was doing what I did last time – I have an awful memory.

I lined up all my spices and seasoning like it was a roll-call for a class then got to mixin’. I was going to wait for LG to get home so he could mix it and that way I wouldn’t have to get my hands all chicken-y; but decided against it and just did it.


LG came home and brought in the food, but he went back out to salt the front and the driveway. I dumped the pasta onto a plate and then realized that it was all upside-down for blog purposes. I dug around and swirled it around a bit so that the chicken peeked through.


LG and I are trying to figure out the logistics for tomorrow. He’ll be working, I’ll be making the chicken; but when do we bring the chicken over? Do we go back home after church service or bring it before or I don’t know. Sigh.

I’m exhausted just thinking about this weekend.


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