Ahh, a busy long weekend calls for a mid-double post!

Yesterday, LG came home from work and showered. We made the executive decision to just get ready quickly and go to the Good Friday service instead of packing up the chicken to drop off before. We ended up leaving the service a bit early so that we could go home, get the chicken, and make our way over to my grandfather’s.

It turned out though that there was no need to rush because my uncle came late anyways (I assumed he’d come a bit earlier since he wasn’t working). Another thing that I didn’t know was that he had cooked up a feast and we had an additional two dishes (mine and step-mother’s) too – that’s called bad planning and miscommunication (or no communication). There was my chicken, her Chinese bbq ribs; and then my uncle made roast beef, lamb, and ham – plus mashed potato and potato salad! Oh and my grandfather made rice too. It was all very yummy, but I can’t wait for it to get back to regular dinners. I nudged my grandfather to make sure he would be cooking next Friday as usual.







Afterwards, we went to my mom’s house and slept over there.

LG followed Mom to prayer meeting in the morning (so that he could follow my cousin to my other cousin’s house to make sure they would be able to get a round of Polyeconomy in). My sister and I got up and ready later on, then we went to pick up my other sister and then my cousins before heading to the restaurant. We were running late and behind schedule. Good thing my mom and aunt were there to sneak their way into our plans and handle the situation for us! They got us a table and tea (with no extra charge!).

It’s always a little weird eating without the parentals, especially dim sum – even though we’re all over 18. Somehow we managed. I don’t know if everyone had enough to eat, but we were fine… We didn’t even have to rush to the movie theatre. We found parking right away and had time to get bbt. Some of the other cousins were seated first so they were able to save seats too – fortunate since there were two groups of birthday parties happening.

After the movie, we dropped my sister back off at home, went to pick up the cake, and then made our way to my cousin’s house. They played another round of Polyeconomy, and that’s around the time my mom came to pick me up so that I could get the food with her; but even after we got back with the food, there was still more food and people on the way so we had to wait longer. That’s when Mom decided to teach us the new rules of the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt Challenge (name tbd)…and then we were able to eat.

The way that we get food (set up buffet style) is that the elderly goes first and then it goes from youngest to oldest – which I think totally needs to change because those babies are not so baby anymore, especially if they’re about to be 19! I’m okay to wait to eat, but my point is not only do I get my food last (of the children, the parents go after us) I also find a seat last! That’s how it ends up that the older ones of us eat at the little coffee table. I am getting way too old for that sitting on the floor nonsense!


We had a little time to rest while Mom finished up the rest of the prep for the UEEHC and some of the other aunties and uncles went to the basement to hide the eggs. We got split up into three groups, the eldest children as ‘leaders’ – Mom made sure there were no siblings on the same team. Then we had to line up – babies in front again – to go to the basement. It was a mad dash, things were thrown around, and couches were uplifted. I’m sure if there was more wall to climb, we’d have cousins all over the walls too. We had to find the little eggs for points and find the medium sized eggs for clues. After we’d [thought we’d] found all the little eggs, we settled at our different stations to find answers to the clues. I had my little ones running back and forth with the answers and S used his super keen senses to find some more little eggs while we worked too. Long story short, we won, kind of. We figured out all the answers to our clues first and put together the puzzle pieces first. We came second (I think) for the little egg count. Go, team, go!


Mom gathered us around to give us our little loot bags and take our line-up (we line up according to age) photo. We were all kind of pooped after that and took a little family break from each other to play on our phones. We didn’t manage to collect ourselves enough to play another game or anything, so we all went home.

I put laundry away, and LG cut his hair – he was starting to look a little froofy.

The long weekend is still looking pretty long from here at the halfway point. Another long day tomorrow, and a long day coming Monday.

The silver lining is that I figured out that LG bought my birthday present already. He never fails to let it slip and I have to fight the urge to get him to tell me what it is (never happens). He had me pretty good. I’ve been sitting here thinking he hasn’t even gone to the mall yet, but he has; AND I think I know where he went :D! The question is which one did he get AND where did he hide it. I have no clue…but I can keep looking!


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