Today after church, LG and I rushed to find something to eat. We had to eat quickly so we could make it on time to meet his family for Easter bowling (it’s not really a ‘thing’ we do, but it has been done before for sure).

Long story short: we were making good time, but we had to pitstop for gas (and I had to pee really badly); when I was looking up how to get back on the highway, I saw two separate patches of red where there had been accidents; we had to find an alternate route…and we were the last ones to arrive. Sigh.

We got our shoes on and played. I did very well [I did okay], but LG was awful. I don’t know that I’ve even seen a worse bowler! In between turns I played with M’s hair. Oh my goodness, do I ever miss my hair. Grow already, please!


We went from there to his aunt’s house. We sat in the living room to talk and catch up, but when it was an appropriate time the cousins sneaked away to play. LG and I brought Monopoly Empire (the new big hit, thanks A for going out to buy it :D). They (only four players, so I sat out) were able to get a game and a half in before dinner was served.

We had his grandmother’s special soup (fave). LG has tried to make different kind of harvest vegetable soups in the past, but none have ever been as good as his grandma’s! I had two bowls. I would have had more, but I didn’t want to look like a soup monster. Then we all got up to fill our plates with carrots, brussels sprouts, mashed potato, scalloped potato, and ham.


Up next was tea or coffee with dessert (cakes from M&M’s) and cheesecake. Again when everyone was done eating and an appropriate amount of time had gone by, we stole downstairs to finish up the game and play a couple more rounds. It got to the point when natural light wasn’t enough, so instead of turning on the lights we relocated to the dining table – two wins: lights and comfy chairs (instead of sitting on the floor). But at the same time, his mom told C and J that it was almost time to go. They all played the fastest four game of Monopoly with four players that I’ve ever seen – 17 minutes! They thought they had enough time for an even faster round, but we still had to pack it up so it was time to go.

The sky was not yet dark when we started to make our way home. We tried to decide if we wanted a little snack or to just go home. We hit quite a bit of traffic, so I was convinced that we would be ramen-less for the night.


But after a little hump, we were speeding along the way. I called the restaurant and found out we had plenty of time! We made our way over, and I was satisfied with a yummy, warm bowl of ramen (and that egg too, I was really excited about that egg). I’d been craving ramen since Friday night when we saw a ramen restaurant featured on TV. It was so good.


When we got home and LG was putting things away, I did one last sweep of the whole house. That is to say I looked in every nook and cranny to try to find my present. When I was on the floor and looking under the couch, LG made a comment something along the lines of how did I even know that the gift was in the house? But it has to be, right? Where else would it be? Where?!


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