It was dentist appointment day – our favourite day (read: we hate it). We had a little bit to eat and then made our way down. It was cold and cloudy and rainy and gross all day long, and Mom kept the car cool since the windows kept fogging up. Not fun.

On the bright side, I had a very pleasant conversation with my hygienist (unbelievable, I know, since my mouth was basically full of her hands the whole time). It was the first time I’ve ever actually carried a conversation during a cleaning – usually I’m all silent and pretending there aren’t hands and sharp tools poking around in there.

After the dentist, we headed back uptown and stopped by the grocery store for Mom to pick up a few things. I was feeling all funny (I really think I have like a mild car sickness thing) and couldn’t wait to get home to be back in bed and nap!

Mom dropped us off to LG’s car, and we went home. I napped while he watched a show on the iPad. I told him to wake me up so that we wouldn’t eat dinner too late. When he did eventually wake me, I was all “I don’t wanna wake up” and he turned on all the lights. I looked up to glare at him and he stuck an arm out from the closet with a little brown bag. He’d hidden it in our closet? How could I miss that??

He said that we both had long days tomorrow and he wanted to make sure he was there when I opened it, so I opened it tonight. (I know! How exciting right? Usually I have to wait until at least midnight!) I hadn’t expected him to buy it for me (I’d hoped for it, sure). We’re trying to live modestly and by a budget and not overspend and all that stuff…but he got it! What a sneaky little husband! We also stopped by someone’s house who was selling Longchamp bags; I got a few small ones for a really good price that were brand new and never used as a small addition to my birthday wallet 😀


From there, we went to Bambi. A introduced us to this restaurant around my birthday a couple of years ago, so it was nice to be back as a little tradition (except not really a tradition since we go all the time…).



I had a really good day, despite the dentist and the icky cold rain. We rested and got to spend time together just the two of us. I like to spend my actual birthday with my mom and sister (she always takes time off work to be with me :D) if possible, so tonight was me and LG night.

It’s going to be a good year. I can feel it in my old lady bones 😉


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