Every year on my birthday, I have every intention of spending it with my mom; and I do. She birthed me and raised me and shaped me into the woman that I am today – so really it’s the least I could do to spend it with her. (I guess I could do a little more, but getting someone else a gift on your own birthday is a little odd, right?)

Last year on my birthday…I don’t remember. I’ll have to ask my husband to see if he remembers (his memory is much better than mine), but he’s already asleep. Maybe we had steak?

Anyways in preparation for my birthday this year, I needed to look through old photos for some taste inspiration. I found this dish that my mom made last year. I feel like she made it a couple of times and then it was like it never existed – except in my pictures! I special requested this dish, and she was all mom about it and gave me trouble saying that she didn’t want to make that.

“I birthed you, why do I have to cook??” (She did also mention after dinner that she’s not cooking next year. We’ll see, Momma, we’ll see!)

Of course secretly and under all that grr, she loves me and likes to “surprise” me (aka I ask for something and she tells me no and then does it anyway – classic Mom). We had it for dinner tonight 🙂

The sky was clear and blue. The sun was out, and I was able to wear a long dress. I got to spend my birthday with my favourite people. I even had lunch with a special friend. I ate yummy food that stuffed my tummy to the max and had cake that my sister picked up for me and had it all “happy birthday-ed” in purple.



It was a very low-key day, which is how it goes I guess when you get old. But I really wouldn’t have spent it any other way – except maybe at the spa lol.

My dad’s voicemail message to me said something about how I’m older than a quarter century now, and it’s so true! If you rounded my age, I’d be 30! Oh my…I can’t imagine being 30. Guess it’s time to update my About Me page :p

It’s going to be a good year. I can feel it in my [old lady] bones.


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