Yesterday LG came home all sucky-faced, complaining about his tummy. Actually he didn’t really complain so much as pout. Since it was Wednesday and we were supposed to have our boring ol’ fried egg over rice, I asked him if he wanted me to make a variation of it instead. He pouted and nodded a little more, and while he showered I made congee. I used chicken broth, leftover rice, and shredded chicken. When it was just about ready, I cracked in a couple of eggs and stirred it in.

There are different ways that people like their congee; some like it more soupy, but I like to make mine more like a porridge – or like a rush mush (sounds appetizing, right?).



It was actually not that bad. Sometimes I over salt because I’m worried it will be too bland, and then I under salt because the time before it was too salty… Last night, it was just right!

Sucky husband went to bed right away (although he was kind of pouty about that too and wanted to stay up, sigh). I had a headache and opted out of the blog post last night. I tried to watch a couple of Youtube videos, but I couldn’t even do that. Early night for both of us.

It was going to be leftover night tonight, but Mom managed to weasel out dinner plans with my aunt. It was my little cousin’s birthday, so we all went out for dinner…at the exact same place we all had dinner together last time. My aunt said that M had specially requested to eat all the soup dumplings to his heart’s content. Mind you, this little boy is only just turning 8 years old – how many could he eat?


The answer is 12.

He had 12 soup dumplings, and he had a huge smile on his face the whole time. That is until he started to digest a bit, then he looked a bit grumpy and a little tired too.

Again we ordered a feast, and again it was all gone (okay, there was like half a bowl of fried rice, a mouthful of noodles, and a few fried dumplings left). We did good. Plus there was cake (of course, what’s a birthday without cake?). We all had a cake to share which was really nice and fluffy and light – a good thing after such a filling and heavy dinner. My aunt bought the two little ones cupcakes. I just had to get a picture of it all mushed and slanted and sad looking. That’s the result of a commuting cupcake – especially when the air outside is warm! Didn’t stop M from eating it all though! That boy is going to eat his mom and dad out of house and home when his hormones start kicking in and he’s growing like a weed!


Happy birthday, M!


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