LG was home early from work today; so as soon as we were all dressed in comfy home clothes we went to pick up my sister and made our way to my grandfather’s house. Normally my dad is there to help him prepare the dishes (to my understanding my grandfather preps everything, and my dad will put together the big dish of the night), but my dad’s away on business for the next little bit. When we got to the house, my grandfather was already busy in the kitchen cooking. He was so excited to see us and put LG to work right away.

I started the medication and got to all the normal dinner (eating) prep.

I got to sit in my dad’s seat (usually we’d put my uncle there as he’s next in line, but he doesn’t like that seat so much). It was not fun! It was so hard to reach all the food, and I’m not about getting up to reach for food every time I want a little bit more.


The star dish of the night was the rack of lamb that my grandfather made with his special secret (I just call it secret, I didn’t actually ask) seasoning. I was so good. Even though it was a little more cooked than I would have liked, it was phenomenaaaaaalll. We all managed to finish every single dish. Dinner (and stomach) success!


A had gotten off work and wanted to drop by to give me a belated birthday present. So it was just me, LG, and my sister left at the end of the night. Even my grandfather excused himself to start his nighttime routine and shower (lock up and set the alarm when you leave!).

LG was starting to get delirious and silly from exhaustion (his eyes get all bulgy and he gets all funny), and my sister nearly fell asleep on my shoulder; but it was well worth the wait for my baby Belle. Ugh, I love her! Thank you, A! *kisses* I wanted to hold her all the way home, but I was worried she would fall somehow as I drove. I handed her to LG to look after, and he buckled her in all safe (“Imagine if this is how you were supposed to drive with babies!” – those are the kinds of questions he asks when he’s tired…). He then tried to stick her in my tiny Longchamp, but that’s just cruel!


It was all good when we got home, because I got to hold her again 😀 I LOVE HER!


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