Today felt really, really long. I can barely remember how my day started; that’s how far away it seems.

Anyways, LG picked me up and we made our way to the mall to get me some food. He’d already had yum cha with my mom (a cousin and my great-aunt) so he wasn’t hungry. The original plan was that we’d go find food together, but that was out of the question (thanks for stealing my lunch date, Mom!).

As I settled in my mind what I wanted to get at the food court, my friend sent me a snap of her lunch and it was exactly (slightly) the same as what I’d just decided on! She had meat in her picture, and I didn’t want any. I got the vegetable combo thing – salad, rice, and potatoes. It was the first time in a little while that I ate it and felt like yes, this is what I wanted to eat. I feel like lately I’ve just been eating whatevs and nothing has really seemed appealing to me. I haven’t had any cravings, you know, where you’re like oh yeah, that sounds really yummy.


As I ate, LG walked over to Michael Hill to get my rings cleaned. When he got back, I could barely recognize my rings. That’s what they’re supposed to look like! Plus we were under the pot lights so that just added to the sparkle. Ugh, so nice. We sat a little while longer and then drove over to small group.

It ended up just being the four of us. We chatted a little bit and caught up, and then we got down to the Bible study and had some really good discussion and application. Oh, K and A also put out some Portuguese egg tarts too. Yum. After we wrapped up the Bible study with prayer, we did that thing where we say it’s time to go and then it takes like another hour to actually get out of the house because there’s still so much more to say. Eventually we did get out the door, and we met up with my mom and sister for dinner.


We ended up sitting for two hours. I guess we haven’t really spent much time together the four of us (aside from my birthday, but that was a weekend and errbody tired). It was 9:30 when we left, and there was a fresh coat of snow dust on the cars outside. AND it was all windy and awful and cold. Sad.



We debated sleeping over at Mom’s but ultimately decided against it. Going from a king bed at home to a queen at my mom’s is not fun – he takes up so much space! Instead we stopped off at home to pick up the cheques and did a quick bank run to deposit them and withdraw some cash for the week. We came home and tidied the kitchen and a little bit of laundry.

I feel like I haven’t cooked dinner in a really long time. What have we been eating?? I don’t even know.


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