Yesterday I had the longest nap of life, like a whole day could have gone by and I would have hardly noticed. I’m not a good napper in the sense that I don’t feel rejuvenated after a nap, rather I usually feel like I should have just kept sleeping. Hence the double post.

After church we went to have Indian food (Mom had been craving it since the day before and wink wink nudge nudge-d LG that she wanted it for lunch). We hadn’t been there for quite a while, so I was quite excited myself; but when I got the the buffet line and looked at all the food I remembered that I don’t really get that adventurous with this kind of food – not because I’m disinterested, but because I am horrible at handling spicy food.

For the first plate, I got a little bit of stuff I don’t usually get. I’m a grown woman now, maybe I like new things! Turned out: not true; which is why the second plate was just rice with butter chicken. I filled up on that and the yummy in my tummy naan – so fresh and warm and mmm.



We went home, and I had my forever nap while my husband decided that it would be a good time to be super productive – he did the laundry, watched a few shows and movies, watched the Blue Jays game, cut green peppers, washed the dishes, and made dinner! See, I told you I might as well have slept til next week.

He made his sauce and boiled some pasta on the next burner. I was going to run to Walmart for something; I got all dressed to brave the cold, but when I opened the door and saw a thick blanket of snow on the front walk and car, I closed the door and settled on the couch. Dinner was soon ready anyways.



After dinner LG did the Walmart run I was supposed to do, and I cleaned up the kitchen mess. He pretty much slept after that, and I tried to get myself ready to sleep but I knew I was ruined from that nap. Needless to say, I had a pretty on and off sleep the rest of the night.

I wanted to make something for dinner tonight, but we’ve had the leftovers from my birthday dinner that my mom made for a while now sitting in the fridge. We had to use that up so it wouldn’t go to waste…so it was leftover night tonight!

I poured all the contents into a pot and let it warm up on medium heat. I also cut the carrots and potatoes up into smaller pieces to make sure they all got heated through. Warmed up the rice in the microwave and we were good to good.

Dinner was just as good as we remembered from last week. Thanks, Momma!




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