LG was home really early today. He worked on location and finished what they had to do for the day shortly after lunch, so he was home in the early afternoon!

He had plenty of time to relax and prepare dinner for us. We had the leftover sauce from Sunday, and I’d pulled the chicken out of the freezer for tonight. By the time I got home, the house smelled yummmmmmy. He had the chicken baking in the oven, the sauce heating on the stove, and water boiling for the pasta.

I changed and then started cleaning some of the dishes so there wouldn’t be so much to clean after dinner. He dished out the pasta and chicken, while I got our glasses of milk ready. It was really good, and it was nice to have dinner when he wasn’t so exhausted from a long day of work. We had the baseball game on in the background (I know, we’re “sports people” now…what). We cleaned up together – I did the dishes (but he did the pots) and he put the rest of the food away.



We got comfy on the couch to watch the rest of the game: aka I watched and he fell asleep.

LG might be home early again tomorrow, so we’re trying to think of what we could do for dinner. If he comes home at the same time as he did today, he’ll have so much time to prepare dinner! Then again, we could always just do our regular ol’ fried egg over rice Wednesday night dinner.

We’ll see!


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