I actually think I’m okay with having our easy Wednesday night meal. We did however spice it up last night with some SPAM! Mhmm, we’re fancy like that. We also both had strawberry milk lol (usually LG has just plain white milk).

Tonight was Thursday night Mom dinner night aka Mom didn’t want to cook so we went out to eat instead night. I guess we could have just stayed in and ate leftovers, but I know my momma (and my sister too :p) misses us so off we went.


This week has been really weird. A had drama llamas at the beginning of the week. I dreamed about my grandmother which sent my emotions all in a loop. I’ve been feeling off and blah. LG has been home so early too which has been totally weird. AND we did all our tax stuff and I have other bank stuff to do…sigh. Oh, and we’re planning on figuring out a new phone plan for him too.

It’s just so much more running around compared to other weeks when it feels so much calmer. Wieners.

FND tomorrow. Are you looking forward to it? I am.

Shortest double post of life.


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