I’m 20 minutes away from this almost being a quadruple post, so let’s get down to it.

LG was home early on Friday so we were able to go to my grandfather’s to help out a bit. My dad is still away for work and he’s usually the one who helps Yeh cook, so it’s a good thing we were able to be there.

See that veggie dish with the beef balls in the picture? LG made that one all by himself! The rest are pro dishes, not to be tainted by an amateur’s touch :p. We were missing a few people at dinner. My sister got to sit at the head of the table (I sat there last week, not a cool spot). I had a chair beside my uncle, and we also had room for the two littles to sit with us too!

Dinner conversation was intermittently interrupted by the cheering fans on TV for the Blue Jays, but they calmed down often enough for my grandfather and uncle to get really heated about car technology. How exciting…


On Saturday, LG and I sat on the couch with cheese melt things (you take a piece of flat bread and put it on a pan on medium head, sprinkle some cheese on top not too close to the edges, as the cheese melts fold it in half and warm both sides) and then finished off with some green peppers and onion dip. There wasn’t really a way to make for a pretty picture, so I just didn’t take one. Good thing too since this triple post is already kind of photo heavy!

After the disappointing game, we went to the mall to add LG to my phone plan (he was at the tail-end of his contract when we got engaged and then married which is why we didn’t do it earlier). We picked up a bbt for my sister, dropped it off to her, and then went back home to finish the laundry that we threw in before we left. We went back to my mom’s to figure out dinner. I already had something in mind, but somehow we talked ourselves out of it. We were all feeling pretty lazy (in case you couldn’t tell from our sweats and baggy sweaters). So my sister whipped out her phone and ordered pizzas for us. LG and Mom went to pick it up and then we feasted!


I’m not usually such a fast food pizza snob (at least I wasn’t before), but up until yesterday the last few pizzas we’ve had at home have always been from Domino’s – LG’s fave. I was always like whatever because I couldn’t really taste the difference; but after last night I can now say that Pizza Pizza is blah.


After church today was the first time in a while that we had some trouble deciding what to do for lunch; and somehow we ended up going for dim sum. What.


The cold weather made my body feel miserable, so we went home after lunch and I took a nap. I’m not completely sure what LG did with his alone time, but I think he watched the Jays game or maybe a movie? Anyways, he woke me up and we tried to decide what to do for dinner. My sister was at work, and mom usually feels kinda lazy Sunday evenings to go out when J isn’t home…so we just went down the street for some chicken. BUT not before we fished through the recycling bin to find coupons! We didn’t find any coupons, but there was a flyer for free chicken when you get a rib dinner. So that’s what we did.


I also got soup…because it’s cold outside.



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