A couple of months ago when I was just playing around with the crockpot, I tried making the soy sauce coke chicken. It turned out pretty good. We’d added a little bit of garlic and ginger to the mix to give it an extra kick. The only comment I’d make on that last try would be that it was kinda salty or it was just a really overwhelming taste. There was no subtlety to it at all.

When I decided to make it again today, I pulled up the old post and opened up the link that I referred to last time. I realized that even though I followed the measurements for coke and soy sauce as it said, I only used half a dozen chicken drumsticks and the recipe called for a dozen. Ahh, so maybe that’s where I’d gone wrong – my ratio was off.

Today I only used half of what was called for in the recipe, but when I checked on it halfway through, it didn’t look like there was enough sauce. For one thing, I’d tried to line the crockpot with the tin foil like I have been doing, but since it isn’t one large piece (rather two laid over each other) the sauce seeped through and made the sides all gross anyways. Anyways, about four and a half hours in I rearranged the chicken and took the tin foil out. Then I added a tad more coke and soy sauce.

Much better this time. Not too intense and overwhelming, and the chicken was still fall off the bone goodness. We had a side of cauliflower and broccoli and ate it with rice.


I think it may be time to try making the salmon again. It’s been a while.


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