I’ve been slacking a bit with the whole menu planning. I was ahead of the game for a few weeks, but those weeks just so happened to coincide with long weekends and birthdays and craziness so it didn’t even really work out that well. Sigh.

I did however think of last night’s dinner ahead of time – which means that when I was making rice for Monday night, I also made extra so that I could make fried rice last night. Smart.

LG was home really late yesterday. I fried up the bacon and added in the green beans to set aside. I scrambled a few eggs in a separate pan to use later on too. When he finally got home, I turned the heat back on and added in the leftover rice and some seasoning to mix it all up. Just as it was almost done, I threw in the scrambled eggs and gave it another stir.


Not bad, not bad.

Tonight I was not feeling hungry at all. Good thing too, because my smart thinking of making enough rice for a few days didn’t go so well and we wouldn’t have had enough rice for the both of us anyways.

LG had our now regular Wednesday night dinner of fried egg over rice…and a side of mango slush that he picked up on the way home. We ate on the couch like hooligans so we could watch the baseball game (spoiler alert: they won, finally).


I got hungry, so I had some good ol’ macaroni and mushroom soup – something I haven’t had as soup in a long time. I’ve had it here and there as like a sauce that goes over chicken or broccoli or whatever, but as a straight up soup…it must have been a couple of years now. The last time I had it I was feeling sick and wanted some warm soup to soothe my tummy. Nope, didn’t help. I tried to run up the stairs to the washroom and didn’t make it. It was awful. Tonight, I managed to keep it down and it actually tasted quite yummy.


Yay for easy Wednesday night dinners!

While I concentrated on the winning game, LG got situated with the little mini nano lego-type blocks. A has had them in her room for eternity just sitting in the boxes. Apparently she tried once to put it together, but only got half of the head done before she got stuck. When I went to Japan, I brought something similar home for LG (a giraffe) and he had so much fun with it; so of course he was up for the challenge. She came over to sit for a little bit, and when I told him she was coming his eyes got all big: “She’s not gonna come and mess it all up, is she? Don’t let her touch it!” Haha, poor husband. For the record, she did not touch the pieces! They’re safe for him to continue tomorrow.


We do have a tentative plan for dinner if we stay home tomorrow night, but I think my sister wants to have dinner together the four of us. We’ll see.

Then it’s Friday! I wonder what we’ll have.



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