Date night tonight! Joking.

…unless date night includes my mom and sister.

Like deer who never stray from their path, we went back to the same restaurant as we have been for the last few weeks; and mom ordered the same thing again. LG copied her and had a bowl of the same for himself. My sister decided to try something different and ended up with an icky dish.

She was all clingy to me and loving on me. Giiiirrrl, I know you miss me but at least wait until I have food in my tummy and I’m not so hangry!


After we ate, we went to get some ice cream. Mom had coupons in the car, so it was a pretty good deal. Usually when we get drive-thru ice cream we hobo in the parking lot until we finish so that Mom can enjoy her ice cream with us and one of us doesn’t end up holding two ice creams. But tonight she pulled out of the parking lot and we’re all like where are you going?! She got confused, so we pulled into the next parking lot up the street, haha.


I have all these bank errands to run tomorrow. Ugh, I do not enjoy the bank. Blech. No thanks. (This was unnecessary to add here, but it does serve as a good reminder for myself…so ya)


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