Daddy’s back – a good thing too since LG came home at the regular time which meant that we didn’t get to my grandfather’s until 7:30. GJ had already done the medication, and Dad and Yeh were already well into dinner making. Dad got all fancy making shrimp tempura. I didn’t eat it (I don’t eat shrimp, fyi), but it looked really pretty (I heard it tasted pretty good too).


We were minus some and up another. LG and I both got to sit on actual chairs tonight instead of stools. I offered a chair to my sister, but she seems very content in my old spot (I’m not sure how that even became her spot, like when did that happen…)  between my dad and grandfather.


I think (borderline know it) my grandfather feels much more comfortable and happy with making dinner when my dad is there to help and cook with him. The dishes are more complicated and there is more variety when it’s the two of them. I didn’t really notice it before, but with my dad away for the last two FNDs I could kind of see it. Maybe you noticed too if you’ve been following the blog.


It was good food tonight.

Everyone was fawning (at a distance in our L family way) at my sister who is going on a big girl trip soon by showing their love and how much the care (interjecting and offering ideas and commands and what not to do).

The next few days are pretty much dedicated to her. You know, because she’s going to miss us so much. Really though, when has she ever been away from her big sister? She has some last few errands to run, I’m going to help her pack, and she’s going to get her nails done with LG (joking, I’m going but he might come too…his hands are all nasty lately).

She has her final university undergrad exam tomorrow morning (perfect, so I can sleep in) before she becomes a real grown-up. Ugh, she’s such a big girl now :’). I sent her a comprehensive and thorough list of things to pack, I lent her our luggage and a large carry-on bag (oh and a cross-body bag but it’s not like she doesn’t have a hoard of MY bags in HER closet already). I gave her strict instructions to just make a giant pile of everything from the list, and I’ll help her to pack it all in later on.


The little birdie is learning how to use her wings…




One thought on “146

  1. you see the dynamics of the L way wish much more clarity than most. whether it’s about dinner making, how we show our love in the different ways (showing concern, food, putting family first (even above our own wants at times)), or how we communicate in our shouting and giving each other a hard time.

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