LG seems to get into so much drama Saturday mornings when I’m sleeping in. His tire went all flat and everyone was in a flurry to figure out how to get him back home. Long story short, his dad came to the rescue, LG left his car at the shop, and his dad drove him home.

My sister came over shortly after that to begin the weekend of J. She’d just finished her final final (lol) of undergrad, went shopping, and came over. She expected us to just jump in the car and be kidnapped, but LG was in the middle of making lunch. I convinced her to come inside and sit with us. The offer of dumplings was quite helpful.

We had the leftover rice from FND with fried egg (Wednesday again?) and a side of dumplings that I’d made before and put in the freezer. We basically have nothing but eggs and cheese in the fridge. It’s been a little while since we’ve been shopping for groceries. SHAME!


We went to my mom’s and me and LG waited on my sister’s bed while she gathered all the things on the list I wrote for her. It was chaotic, but I’m a pro-packer (for someone who doesn’t often travel) so I got it done easy peasy. We were just about finishing up when Mom and LG got back from picking up the car. Then we rushed out of there to go watch a movie (Mom’s suggestion). I got to choose what we would have for dinner (LG was choosing dinner the next night and J was basically dictating everything else we did).

We ended up at Greek. Basically we were hitting up all the (five) restaurants that we go to all the time in ONE weekend. I don’t know about everyone else, but it hit the spot right on the nose for me.


This picture is all our plated before our salad transfers. No feta for me, all the onions and tomatoes go to my mom, and LG gets all our olives. Works out for errbody.


I started to feel icky. My throat was feeling itchy and ouch. My nose was all drippy. Not fun. We went back to my mom’s and made sure my sister’s luggage was pretty much ready (minus the few things she’s still using before she leaves), but left soon after. I was in bed and asleep before 11.


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