Since we had our J weekend all planned out in stone, we already knew where we were headed for lunch after church. We had Japanese. See photo (lol).


After lunch, we went to visit my grandmothers (and others). We’ve been wanting to go for a couple of weeks, but last weekend was really cold and blustery so we decided on this weekend. It was warm and sunny, and I got to wear a dress :).



The blue skies and warm weather really helped today to be a nice visit instead of a sad one. We walked around a little bit to the other graves for our the great generations before us (the great grandparents and uncle). Then we got into this whole debate about burying our mother or cremating her (“I’m standing right here!” she said haha).

Mom dropped us off at home so I could nap and so she could go home and rest too. I ended up on my laptop listening to music from back in [my high school] the day with the curtains pulled back and the window open. LG watched the rest of the baseball game while putting together the tiny lego Mickey mouse thing.


We were going to go to Walmart, but when we looked at the time we realized it would have to be really rushed. Since we haven’t been in a while and there’s a lot of stuff we had to get, we decided to just leave it for a couple of days. We’ve been doing fine without all that stuff for so long, what’s a couple of days more.

My grandfather also called to say that my dad was making Jamaican soup – did we want to go over for dinner? UH, YEAH! But how could Jamaica soup not be like a planned thing (like it ALWAYS has been since the beginning of time – hey we’re going to make soup this weekend, okay, be there)? We’d already arranged a dinner for my sister’s like bon voyage (something that is quite the tradition for the winged children in our family). SAD. So tempting to ditched everyone for soup. Really though.

But we didn’t have soup. We went for dinner at the same ol’ place, ordering the same ol’ dishes (plus a couple new ones). We did very well and finished EVERYTHING (not really, there was enough to fill a small take out box, fail). My sister then requested (read: demanded) ice cream; so we went (suckaaaa). I got my ice cream with caramel and banana (fave). When I let LG try a spoonful, he was all wide eyed, “Is this summer 2012?!”. He thinks he’s funny (summer 2012 is when we started dating, fyi). Even if he isn’t that funny, I still really enjoyed my ice cream. I forgot how good it is!


If this weekend was dedicated to my sister, then tomorrow is DEVOTED to my sister. At least this weekend I got some breaks and rest time; but tomorrow I have to be with her ALL DAY LONG, until she gets on that plane.

For real though, I’m probably gonna cry.




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