My darling sister allowed me to sleep in today, but then I ended up waiting for her so I guess it all played out rather fairly.

We went to have our same boring food at the same boring place to wrap up a weekend of eating the same food we always eat.


After we ate, we went to get our nails did. I got yellow and pink (aka my strawberry banana nails), and she got this boring pale pink colour. She did get a funky coral-y orange-y type colour on her toes, so that’s good. The lady who did my hands recognized us from our last visit (when I did my nails for the wedding), and we made friends with the lady who did my toes. She was originally from Indonesia and moved here and there and ended up here. She gave J a whole bunch of tips – always try to bargain down to half, if they don’t budge just walk away and they’ll always call you back! Good to know. I totally ruined my big toe as we were leaving. I don’t know how I managed to do that when I’d been sitting under that drying thing forever. SAD!

Something happened with our car situation that it got all confusing, but we figured it out – it just meant a little more driving back and forth (sad).

We ended up at Walmart to buy her a second bikini, just in case – she is going to be at the beach for a week so multiple bikinis are a must! We were looking for goggles, but she wasn’t happy with the Minnie Mouse ones I chose for her. Too bad, so sad.

LG was already on the way home, so we went back to my mom’s to make sure everything was packed and ready to go. We also changed into comfy clothes since we’d been looking all cute and stuff for our sister bonding day. I repacked her backpack. She’d bought a (cheap) pretty floral one that just fit her entertainment for on the plane, but it’s always safer to have a little extra room than not enough, right?


LG came over after he finished his shower. He closed up the luggage and brought it downstairs for us. J tidied her room a little bit and got herself together, and then we were off!

We met Mom at a parking lot just off the highway so we could just take one car to the airport. LG was just about to take it off park, “Hold on, let me take a picture!” There was just enough daylight left for it to turn out really nicely. Notice my mom’s totally happy face. Also notice the cow sticking out of my sister’s backpack. She’s nearly 22.


We parked and walked my sister into the airport. She checked in her bag, and then we kinda just sat and stared at each other. Oh, we took pictures and stuff too.



LG was so tired already, so my sister lent him her little pink neck pillow which he happily accepted. “Wait, J, you lean on the pillow too and pretend to sleep!” She’s not very good at pretending.

We laid hands and prayed over my sister. We asked for God’s protection and guidance. We asked that he continue to comfort our hearts and ease our minds. We thanked him for being in control and always being by our side. We prayed for a safe trip, a fun trip.

We love you, sister. There’s no one else who can fill our hearts like you do. Come home safe. See you soon! PS don’t forget my hair ties and something super cute 😀


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