Adulting Fail (150/151/152/153)

As you can probably tell, LG and I have been horrible at being grown-ups lately.

After dropping my sister off at the airport, I started to feel a little under the weather – stuffy nose that turned into an awful sinus headache, lethargy (ooh big word), an upset stomach. It was not fun.

I slept all day the next day, as much as I could, and even asked my husband to eat at his parents’ house. I was not going to be cooking plus we had no food in the house (except eggs and cheese). So he ate there, and very kindly helped me take some pictures of his food; there isn’t much I can photograph from bed in a dark room. He even took a ‘candid’ of our garbage night!



I slept some more the day after and felt much better by the evening. A is leaving soon just like my sister left (why is everyone leaving!!?), so we stopped by the restaurant to sit with her. After dinner, she got all ‘omg, what is life going to be like in five years’. So silly. We don’t even know what life is going to look like next year! It got cold, and my headache was coming back; so we left to go home and go back to bed.

Yesterday, I was feeling even better than the previous evening. I was able to hop, skip, and jump all around the house (not really, but you know what I mean). I still didn’t cook though. Remember what I said about the whole not so grown-up week? Instead we went to my mom’s for dinner – breakfast for dinner, that is! Before my sister left on her trip, she went grocery shopping (I thought the whole idea was to live off what you have instead of buying stuff that you only have a limited number of days to finish, sister), and she bought a whole loaf of bread for the one sandwich she wanted to eat. She’d also send us a photo of one of her first few meals on her trip – French toast all prettied up with a bar of Nutella (or so we assume). All that inspired us for our dinner and lack of food in the house: we had French toast with sausages and smokies! For the record, I do not enjoy French toast very much (compared to pancakes and waffles anyways). But it was yummy still but weird. I mean, breakfast for dinner…how odd.


We didn’t stay too long. J is usually the one who keeps our energy up and wants us to stay longer to bond. We were in bed and asleep by 10:30. We might not be keeping up with the grown-up groceries, but we sleep like old people; so there’s that.

The sky cleared up again today. It’s been cloudy and gloomy and damp for days (which also played a part with my headaches, I think). I did some online shopping the other day for dresses (guilty pleasure). Don’t judge though! I filled my cart to almost $300 and got it all down to less than $60! Good job, me.

I don’t know exactly what happened between home and dinner, but I got in the grumpiest of moods. Like it was not fun, for me or for anyone. I don’t even know what happened, because it was like on and off moody – completely moody to the brink of crying and then it would subside but not completely go away until someone was annoying again. Weird.

Dinner did make me a bit happier though. We had ox tail and it was (slightly burned but) so, so good. It was so good that it was ALL gone – every single piece, every drop of sauce, all of it GONE! We actually did pretty well with the whole dinner. There was just a tiny bit of the tofu and eggplant leftover, but the sweet potato was cleared too.


They talked about Prince, and my aunt told her drama llama story again. They talked a bit more about some other things, but all thoughts/opinion/ideas expressed at Friday night dinner stays at Friday night dinner ;). After we cleaned up the table, we Facetime-d my sister. We passed her around, and everyone asked, “Are you having fun??” to which she would answer, “Ya!”. Great conversationalists, I tell ya. I ended up talking to her the most. She misses me obviously. I’d already talked to her earlier before we went to dinner!


Instead of watching the game, because they’re (Blue Jays) playing is very disappointing lately, they watched Alien 2. Umm, the 3 minutes that I watched…no thanks. We went home and started a load of laundry.

I might meet up with A for a little bit. A last minute late night snack before she leaves the country AGAIN! Sigh.


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