Back Seat Fun (155)

We were late to church this morning. We will ill-prepared in being prepared. It makes sense if you read that carefully. I had the idea to get people to get together to play some softball just for fun (I wasn’t planning on playing though), but we didn’t get everything we needed to get ready the night before – which would have been the smart thing to do.

So before we left, we had to get the softball bag up from the basement, pack extra clothes to play in, find a big bag for the blanket (you always need a blanket to watch softball – to sit on or to cuddle), and fill water bottles. “Oh, wait, do you have your glove?”


After all that, we finally made it to church. We actually knew what we wanted to have for lunch, but for some reason it still took us forever and a day to get out of there and actually make it to the restaurant. I was quite the opposite of excited to go; we’d been there just the weekend before!

I have to admit, it was still quite yummy; but I think I’m done with it for a while.


It was getting more and more cloudy outside, and the air wasn’t warming up at all. In fact, it felt colder as the day went on. Bottom line: we traded softball for a movie…but not before a nap!

LG and I went home. I knocked out, but LG stayed downstairs to watch the rest of the game. What we listened to on the radio on the way home was quite exciting. They scored 3 in the third inning. Of course that happens when we’re not home to watch, and I’d rather nap instead of watching. I prefer the evening ones during the week when we can watch while we clean up our dinner and then settle onto the couch after.

Anyways, LG literally had to pull me out of the bed and drag me to the washroom to get ready to go to the movie. I’m glad he did though, it was a really good [terrifying] movie. I screamed out loud at least three times, but I’m like that so ya…

We were all still full-ish from lunch, so we decided on a ‘snack’ – something we could all share a little bit of. We were in the area with everything around. Any restaurant, any cuisine, it was all there. That didn’t stop us from settling on easy noodles. We had two noodle plates and then a snack plate to share. Yummy and quite affordable!


We all made our way home.

EDIT (because confusing): LG has really long days, and sometimes the drive home is really hard for him. I’d had this idea to create a resting space in his car so he can nap during his break to rest up for the drive home.

We had to clean the trunk and move stuff to the side. I got one of those pillows with arms (I think they’re called reading pillows?), and we put a button up shirt over it so that it wouldn’t get too dirty from his work ickiness. I grabbed a blanket that we’ve used to sit on during past summers watching softball practices and games. He climbed in and tried it out!


Not bad, not bad!

We closed up the car, and then I had a mango haha.

It probably could have used another day or two to ripen, but I was just so excited to eat it! You’ve probably already seen the trick around the internet that I tried today. It worked really well, you should try too! Just make sure your mango is ready to eat so the sourness doesn’t kill the excitement :/

I feel like we haven’t eaten at home in years. I’m excited to eat dinner at home with my husband this week! …but what do I cook?


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