In or Out (158&159&160)

I was on the fence Wednesday night, trying to decide if I wanted to cook or just order pizza. I weighed the pros and the cons. I remembered how I was just saying that I was so excited to eat dinner at home with my husband (of course, I forgot about the small detailing about actually planning and cooking dinner…). It wasn’t like I had an extravagant and complicated dinner planned, but the laziness – ugh, the laziness is real.

LG was good with anything. I checked the pizza app on my phone and saw that it’d been almost two months since we had pizza. Hmm… In the end, I just decided to cook. Why spend the extra money? Plus pizza always sounds like a good idea, but a couple slices in you’re kinda like ehh, was this a good idea?


I just made a fried rice noodle which I’ve made before. I have to say that if I’ve been wanting consistency in the kitchen, it all starts with my friend noodles/rice. They’re all pretty much the same – not any worse (or better) every time I make it. I make it with the thin rice noodle, macaroni, and rice on several occasions actually. So good job me.

Last night we had dinner with my momma again at the same place again (so much for eating in), but without my sister (sad). I’d been kinda missing it too since I’m usually there at least twice a week – once with A and the other time with my mom and sister. It felt like a looong time. Still missing it didn’t make me order the same boring soup noodle again; in fact, I ordered something different (but not something I hadn’t tried before haha). Mom, on the other hand, can’t help but order the same thing. I convinced her to though, because she always orders something different and then complains and says she should have ordered her noodle.


After dinner we went over to her house to help her put together the gift for the baby shower – aka me and LG put it together and she sat and watched and took pictures. At the risk of having them see the stuff before the actual shower, but at the same time thinking they probably don’t keep up with this blog…I’ll post the picture anyways!


I won’t post the final product, but it actually turned out really well! It took less than an hour. LG was pooped by then, so we left shortly after to go home.

Today my schedule was super clear. Mom and I slept in. I woke up and messaged her that I was hungry and let’s get hip hop happening. She had some phone calls to make, but I knew that the more time that passed it was going to be harder for me to get out of bed!

Eventually she picked me up, but we couldn’t decide what to eat (what else is new, really). Somehow we ended up at hot pot (for lunch? I know, weird.). Not going to lie, pretty much was super excited as we drove over, and super happy while we were there.


We did pretty well, Mom and me.

We were so full but we still had errands to run – aka I run in and do and Mom finds a spot to wait for me. I went inside and bought the monkey (the one that I sent her a picture of and she okay-ed!). I also two birds one stone-d it and returned a dress too. When I got back out to the car, she goes and tells me it’s too big! This girl, my goodness. So I go back inside and return the thing. We fight our way out of the parking lot to go to the store across the street. She parks and waits again, but this time I drag her in to make the final decision.

Long story short (lol, GJ): the monkey she wants isn’t there. She asks the lady (even though I already asked), and the lady shows us each and every monkey in the store. We settle on the original monkey that I suggested. I stupidly ask her if she wants to buy the teeny tiny one to go with it. “But it doesn’t match!” We look for another monkey…and then PRAISE GOD I found the the monkey she actually wanted. We’re about to put the monkey down when she says, “…maybe I should let them choose.”

Oh my goodness. She bought both and we got out of there. “It’s actually kind of cute. Like ugly but the more you look at it the more you love it.”


We were out and struggling for so long (we had to buy a card and gift bag too!) that by the time I got home again LG was just about home. We got to my grandfather’s, but my aunt had just gotten there too. She got the dishes and utensils ready. L helped put out the place mats. I did the medication.



We were short on people again. Everyone had a seat except one of the littles, but they’re kind of up and down so it worked out well. LG got to sit where Daddy usually sits. He does well there; his arms are longer than mine and he eats off a plate so he has more space to put food. We all did well on the dinner though. So yummy (as always). There was only one piece of chicken left, and a few pieces of the spare ribs. GJ made some baked goods that we had for dessert on the couches, and I scarfed down a mango. So good. Yeh let us take some home too. Excited!

Tomorrow is a full day. Not only is it a full day, but it is a day where I have to look presentable – a baby shower and a wedding. My goodness, when did I get so popular…and old that I have these kinds of things to attend. What happened to pool birthday parties and bowling parties and laser quest and mini putt (which I totally did for my 24th birthday or was it 25th?)?

Wish me luck!


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