New Life, New Love (161)

My mom wanted me to be ready to go eat with her before the baby shower, but that didn’t happen. Mostly because I set my alarm but forgot to set the date, so it didn’t even go off. She huffed and puffed and then gave me a little more time to actually be presentable to the peoples.

I signed the card on the way – totally prepared for everything obviously. We overestimated how much time it would take to get to the shower and ended up being there almost half an hour early. We went in to sit so that we wouldn’t be the creepy in-laws sitting outside the house until it was time – we just wound up being the creepy in-laws sitting on the couch.

It was a really nice shower. Now, I’m still a youngin in some ways; I could probably count the number of bridal/baby showers and weddings I’ve been to on one hand (plus a few fingers, maybe)…all to say I don’t have much to compare to. But there were really cute decorations, lots of yummy food, pretty cakes, rooms full of people, games, and a glowing momma to be.


I was in charge of the pins for the don’t say ‘baby’ game, I lost the ribbon to guesstimate mom’s bump game, and as a group we struggled with the guess the baby food game. I think gift time wasn’t part of the agenda, but my mom worked it out so that we could at least show momma to be part of our gift. She really liked the diaper motorcycle that we made with the monkey theme (it’s the year of the monkey in case you didn’t realize). At least it was safe to assume so because she had the best look on her face! 🙂

Mom and I had to leave the festivities early so that I could get home on time to re-do some face presentation, change my dress, and have time to drive to the wedding. It was really nice to catch up with the girls, and the bride did so well! I really enjoy being on that side of the wedding, just watching and soaking in the love (as opposed to totally stressed out and nervous and ya…). I couldn’t to get home to my husband, but not without yummy food and fun first!


I won’t post the whole dinner, but there’s a photo of our balsamic dressed salad with a pear and pine nuts. There was an antipasto bar to start. We had an agnolotti dish, then steak over mashed potatoes with a stuffed chicken breast and veggies, and finished off with a mini trio of cheesecake, creme brule, and tiramisu. There was also a late night grilled cheese station too!

My feet started to hurt and I was tired because I’m a (young) old lady plus I didn’t want to drive home too late; so I said my goodbyes and gave big hugs and left.

I came home to this:


Poor LG. He’d cut his hair earlier but was worried that it wasn’t straight at the back. He said that he was trying to wait up for me to fix it haha. The phone was on his face because I’d called him when I was on the way home. Mind you, I did tell him to go to bed; but I guess he just couldn’t make it that far!



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