What Home Cookin’? (163&164)

How is it that we’ve only been married 160 something days and I’m already out of ideas for dinner? I think I lost my kitchen mojo. Things just don’t go well for me in the kitchen. It just makes me sad. So much for home cookin’.

That’s probably why we ended up going out to eat last night (also because I’ve been craving wings and things after watching some Youtube videos). We contemplated ordering take-out but ultimately decided against it.

When LG got home and finished his shower, we made our way to go have us some wings. I actually don’t remember the last time we had wings at a restaurant. Hmm.. but it’s been a while. I quite enjoyed myself, and LG did too I think (although he said that it was as yum as he remembered them to be, hater).


We tried to be like the cool kids and eat junky fried food while watching the game, but it didn’t work out so well. I think baseball is best enjoyed from the comforts of our own home and on our comfy couch – that way I can change the channel if they get really disappointing and I don’t have to wear pants!

Tonight we were supposed to use up the sauce that LG made over the weekend, but my mom got all food inspired from the baby shower we went to and wanted to try making one of the dishes. LG made the executive decision to have dinner at my momma’s house.

She had just gotten home as well, so dinner wasn’t going to be ready for a bit. LG made the rice and then came to sit with me. That’s when LG and I took the opportunity to shove some snacks in our faces – chips for me and some chocolate for him.

Eventually dinner was served. I went over to the table and thought, “ooohh looks yum but hmm looks different”.


I didn’t even try the dish at the shower or get a picture of it, so there’s no way to compare; but I know for sure it doesn’t look the same. I guess I get my impromptu-make-it-up-as-you-go-ness from my mom. Good try, Momma.



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