Soap and Things (165)

I think if I ever open up a Bath and Body type store, I’m going to call it Soap and Things. Ya. Good name.

I spent my afternoon in this really pretty pool. The water was nice and warm and clean. The weird thing for me was that the pool was the same depth from end to end. Umm, where’s the shallow end so I can splash and frolic?


When I got home, LG had already showered and went to pick up the mail (that way his car wasn’t in the way for me to get in the garage). I was annoyed because I asked him to get a watermelon (I saw it in the flyer) and he didn’t check his phone while he was there to see that I also asked him to pick up the popsicles (which I have been wanting forever). My fault I guess for not looking through the flyer more thoroughly; I mean, he is a very to the list kind of person.

LG went through the mail. I started a pot of water and a pan for the frozen meatballs. While the water boiled and the meatballs sat, I started the dishes to clear the sink. LG took over the meatballs and got the sauce ready to be heated up. I finished the dishes and grabbed the pasta from the pantry. See how well we work together!

We’ve had spaghetti and meatballs once before, but it was a much more blah version with jar sauce. This dinner actually looks more boring than the other, but at least it tasted good. I actually used up the last little bits of linguine that we had and added it to the spaghetti! What a no-no, right? Ugh, I’m so daring!


On my way upstairs, LG reminded me to get a new soap bottle for the shower. By the time I got to the top of the stairs, I forgot and walked right by the linen closet. Sigh, the troubles of small soap bottles. We hadn’t known these troubles for a little while after we got married because my mom and sister had put together a care basket for us. It was full of soap and shampoo and Bounce sheets and all that good stuff. When we ran out of soap, we had to go out and buy new bottles. The small ones were on sale, so that’s what we got; but I dated it so that I could gauge how long it would last us. This is something I learned from my grandmother. She dated everything: shampoo, cooking oil, bags of rice, boxes of ziploc bags. I guess now I know why. (NTS: small bottle lasted about a month)


LG was still downstairs after I got out of the shower. He was cutting the watermelon! I decided to do my nails. Not a good idea. There was a towel stuck at the top of my head. I couldn’t very well release my hair without ruining my nails! LG came to the rescue; he took the towel off my head and helped me brush my hair out.

We went downstairs together to finish watching the rest of the game. Tied score, final inning, bases loaded. I didn’t really pay attention. I was eating watermelon and  being a grown-up, filling out the online questionnaire for the 2016 census! Fun.

A and my sister will be home soon! YAY!


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