Homecoming (166&167)

Thursday night was noodle night with my momma and LG – the last time we’d have Thursday night dinner without my sister before she came home. Instead, A joined us for dinner, because she had just got home a couple hours before! It was so exciting to see her; it felt like forever! We ordered our same boring noodles, just like old times. When the bill came though, we realized the discount coupons were finished; so I don’t know that we’ll be going back. Time to find something new, I think.


Much later on that evening, she called me out again. We went to have a late night snack 🙂 How lucky is she to have a friend like me to stay up late with her when she’s all jet-lagged! Although, it isn’t like we didn’t used to go out late at night when neither of us were jet-lagged.

On Friday, my mom and I missioned to pick my sister up from the airport in the middle of the day – aka when all the cars are on the road. We almost didn’t make it on time. We were still quite far away when her plane landed! When the traffic cleared up a bit, I told my mom she had to hustle! She got all nervous, but she did so well! We made it there with plenty of time to spare.

She seemed pretty awake for having flown around the world. We decided to go eat. This girl, she wanted to go eat at a Hong Kong-like cafe – umm, did you not just come back from Hong Kong? We ended up at Greek. So good.


It still took us forever to get home; it was after school/work traffic time. She passed out in the back. I fell asleep awkwardly in the front. Finally when we were back at the house, we unloaded the car (well, I got the heavy luggage out of the car and into the house, but I left it downstairs for LG to bring upstairs after). My sister went straight to her bed, my mom went to her’s, and I opted for the couch.

LG called me a little while later to let me know he was on the way. I went up to try to wake J up. She seemed pretty out of it, so I didn’t try too hard. LG came, and I just left with him.

I was barely awake still when we got to my grandfather’s. I went to get the dishes from the dishwasher ready for dinner and realized they weren’t clean. I had to unload everything and wash it by hand. Not fun.

My dad and grandfather had prepared and cooked salmon for the night (I think for my sister since it’s her fave and it was supposed to be her first dinner back).



LG and I washed the dishes by hand and just had them in the dishwasher to dry. No need to worry about them being clean next week. K did a really good job helping too. She cleaned the mats on the table, helped pick up what was left on the counter and then wiped that down too, and she packed the rice away.

We dropped the salmon and rice off to J after dinner, but she was still asleep. We just left it in the fridge for her, and LG brought the luggage upstairs so that she could unpack when she was ready. She woke up just enough and just long enough to hand LG the little Hulk that she brought back for him before she passed out again.


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