Stop and Stare (168&169)

It already felt like such a long day by 3pm yesterday. I made rice so that LG and I could eat a little bit when he got home from work. I got kind of excited to make the rice (not a usual thing) because I kind of rearranged a few things on our kitchen counters for a new spot for the rice cooker! I made extra rice too for the week (also an excuse to use the giant new containers I’d just bought).



I didn’t know what we were going to eat with the rice, but at least it was made. LG ended up making spam to go with the rice. We wanted to eat quickly so that we could get over to my mom’s; my sister had summoned us over to sit and stare at each other.

She gave us our little gifts first, and then we got ready to open our special gift. We got one mug each that had something written on it. Mom got a mug that said something plus awesome equals Dad; I got a blank one that was supposed to say Mrs.; LG got one that said Mr. I guess two out of three isn’t so bad. Nice try.

Everyone ended up falling asleep – except me. Finally, I didn’t want to wait anymore and it was getting late; I did some summoning myself! I called them all awake, and we went to go eat.


I don’t know how we ended up having Japanese again for lunch after church today, but we did – at Mom’s request. We had to wait for a table too, which I don’t remember doing in a long time. I guess lots of moms want sushi for Mother’s Day.

Mom ended up making little notes on the blank part of her coffee gift card holder thing so that we could be ready to order as soon as we sat down. Our bff server got us a nice booth to sit at, and when we sat down he took out his pad to write down our order. He ended up taking Mom’s scribbled order!


After lunch, we did what Mom wanted to do – nap. We all went to our own homes to go to sleep. And sleep we did, even LG slept a loooong time.

By the time we woke up, it was find food or just go back to sleep for the rest of the night. We ended up going to Walmart to fill our fridge a little bit. I finally got the popsicles I have been wanting for weeks! So exciting. I even did something I’ve never ever done before in my life. We opened it and had a popsicle in the car on the way home, just like the real grown ups do. Mom always made us wait until we got home to open and eat or snack on what we just bought.


It was fantastic at almost 10pm and super cold out.

LG unloaded the car, and I showered. Then we sat and ate our really icky chicken with some salad. Not good. Not yummy.



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