Toilet Paper and Tater Tots (170&171&172)

I don’t know how our wires got all mixed up; but here I was thinking we were going out to some fancy buffet, there Mom was eating a late lunch, my sister was jet-lagged all day every day, and LG was just on the way home waiting to see what was for dinner. Anyways, we ended up going to have LG’s fave.

It was yummy and good, but everyone had had such long days that we kind of just ate to eat so we could go home to sleep. Plus we’d only just been there a few weeks before, so we changed up our order just a wee bit. We changed the type of noodle and ordered a dish we don’t usually get (but is still pretty high up on our usuals).



Yesterday night I really didn’t want to cook, but I remembered all that extra rice I’d made on the weekend plus there were the steaks that we got from our mini grocery haul. I didn’t want to steak and potato. I just wasn’t in the mood. I started to prep dinner as he came home with all our toilet paper for our basement hoard and cases of water to bring to my grandfather on Friday.


I cut up the steak into bite size pieces, separating the meaty parts (for LG) from the parts with the gristle (the crunchy, chewy part – for me). I put them into two bowls but seasoned them both the same – salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, and a little bit of soy sauce. I made fried rice with mushrooms, green beans, and egg. I let LG do the steak cooking; the fear is still in me (have I still not told you the story about the proposalversary disaster?).


Tonight I wasn’t very hungry, especially for our Wednesday night fried egg over rice dinner. LG made himself an egg and had our Wednesday night dinner on his own. I just ate some leftover fried rice and the little bit of steak that was left. After my tiny portion of fried rice though, I did make a special request for tater tots to which my wonderful husband so kindly obliged.


It made a great dinner, if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow is Thursday, and as you know we usually have boring-same place-dinners on Thursday. But that place isn’t giving us coupons anymore; so now it’s all up in the air again! Do we go out? Where would we go? Do we just stay home to eat dinner like regular people? So many questions!


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