Dinner Legends (173&174)

Before my sister came back from her trip, she made a special request to go to a restaurant. Of course as a consolation prize for coming home safely, we obliged.


Mostly we went for the duck, bien exciting stuff. That was my first round. I didn’t even walk around to look at the other food. I went straight for the sashimi and sushi and then to the duck.

I realized I should slow down after that race for the first plate, so I settled down with a nice small bowl of noodles. I don’t remember what happened on my plates after that, but it really wasn’t too exciting. We probably won’t be back for a while.


Our Friday night dinner the next night was really, really nice. I had a really good time, even though I was pretty exhausted from the day. There was yelling, as always, but no one got red in the face so that’s always a good thing – especially for our blood pressures!


After dinner and cleaning up, everyone settled down to watch the basketball game or talk about drama llamas. It got a little late, so we went home (well, actually LG and I slept over at my mom’s).

I don’t know if LG and I just got a really comfy bed or if my body is just used to our bed now, but it was so hard to sleep! Maybe I’m just getting to be an old lady now. Sad.


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