Tomato Tomato (175)

(But how did you read that title? Heehee, tomato tomahto? :p)

I wanted to put this post off, but we did so much today with so much photo documentation that I just cannot justify this being part of a double post. So here we go.

Last night we had a horrible night’s sleep[over] at my mom’s. She went to prayer meeting in the morning and the rest of us slept in – except we kinda all woke up a little after she left. I woke up to wake LG up to move the car, and my sister always wakes up when my mom leaves the house (because my mom barges into to room to check on her every morning – what a baby). I went to my sister’s bed and complained about how tiny it was (bed privilege issues). We slowly got ready and waited for my mom who took forever to get home!

It was cold and rainy and cloudy and dark and grey and awful outside. We traveled to the next town and had breakfast. J and I shared an omelet meal with potatoes and toast. We asked for peanut butter and jam, but I didn’t end up having any. I did, however, take a picture of the cute little things.


We contemplated just turning around and going back home but ultimately decided to just keep on going on. We played some Heads Up which made the ride there that much faster. J and I stayed in the car when we arrived, cuddled in the Snuggie I smuggled from Mom’s couch. She was doing her sudoku (and getting stuck). I played a little bit on the iPad. We weren’t there for long. Mom and LG just checked on stuff and cleaned a little bit (I think, I was in the car…so really I don’t know). When it was almost time to go, J and I got out of the car so we could take our annual opening weekend picture.


Getting out of the car meant that I could also get a yearly outdoor shot.


Even in the bitter no-way-it’s-mid-May cold, we still stopped for ice cream. I didn’t really want any, but my sister convinced me to go inside with her; and once you’re inside, can you really say no?


LG and I went back home so we could do some laundry and housework [read: I threw in a load of laundry and napped while LG finished the laundry and cleaned the tub]. LG also got around to organizing our self-proclaimed ‘room of doom’. Basically when we first got the house and started to move our stuff in, we threw all our paper work into one of the spare rooms. I tried to go through it and organize it months ago, but it was so overwhelming and not fun. LG is much more patient and thoughtful, so he took it on today.

When the first load was done in the dryer, I pulled the clothes out and turned over the second load. We only have on dresser in our room; everything else goes in the closet and baskets. I organized the clothes into piles instead of taking individual pieces one by one to their designated spot. Smart, right?


My mom ended up making dinner – her tomato egg soup dish thing that I tried to make before and ended up just making soup. It was really yummy over rice, just what I was wanting on a cold day.


I’d actually been planning to try to make it this week too. Our last grocery shop included tomatoes. As the week was nearing the end, I was trying to think about what we could make with them instead. The most genius idea came to my head – bruschetta. How hard could it be, right?

We found a recipe online, went to go get the missing ingredients, and then straight home after to give it a go.


LG did so well. I did warn him before he started that if it was awful we’d have to go out and find a restaurant so I could eat it – I’d been thinking about it all week! It was so yummy and just the taste I’ve been wanting. I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. It was a little spicy. LG said maybe because of the fresh garlic. I have a boring palette, so maybe next time less garlic or maybe minced even smaller? Still yummy though. Plus he buttered and garlic-powdered the bread before he toasted it. YUM.


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