Worst Run of Life (176&177)

Remember how the other day it was gorgeous and beautiful outside? No? I’m not sure that I blogged about it either, but anyways it hasn’t been like that in a little while. At least not over the weekend.

On Sunday after church, we went to have noodles even though I wanted Korean. Maybe that’s why I didn’t finish my bowl. I just wasn’t in the mood! My mom always says I get her arms in all my pictures, but I can’t help it that she’s always across from me.


After lunch, LG and I made a Costco run. We’ve been talking about going back for a really long time and could just never muster up the energy and effort to get there. It was awful. The worst errand run of life.

It was crazy busy (our fault for going on a Sunday, I guess). The parking was a disaster. People were everywhere inside, stopping their carts in the middle of everywhere. I wish we could have just been in and out; but because we hadn’t gone for so long and because we didn’t know when we would be back, we went up and down nearly every single aisle.


We stocked up on some cleaning supplies and household items, but we also got some healthy food too – edamame, spinach, salmon, and seaweed (does that count?).

We were able to get out of there relatively unscathed and had enough time to go home to put everything away and rest a bit before dinner.

Enjoy this picture of some meat.


Monday night, I let LG handle dinner. He seasoned and cooked the salmon which we mix and matched with leftover in the fridge.

I had my salmon over salad. He had his salmon on top of leftover fried rice with some of our homemade bruschetta on top. He also toasted up some bread so we can have the bruschetta on that too. After he cleaned up dinner and the dishes, he prepared a mango for me as dessert!






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