The Other Side of the Fence (178&179&180)

I’ve lost my cooking mojo. I don’t know what to make or try to make, and I don’t really want to try because everything always turns out kind of blah. We’ve been eating out a lot. Not good. You know what they say, the grass is always greener…

That’s probably why we agreed to go out for half priced wings with my mom on Tuesday. I don’t know if we were all just really hungry, but we ordered a mountain of food and devoured (most of, but not all of) it!


Wednesday night was a little more calm. LG and I stayed home, but we threw dinner together in a very non-grown up fashion. I made macaroni in soup with spinach and some tofu fish squares. We also had to use up the rest of the French loaf that we’d bought for the bruschetta, so LG made mini grilled cheeses. I enjoyed that much more than my boring ol’ macaroni. We had a lot of bread left over so the other slices he made as just garlic toast. Yum, carbs.



I think it would kind of cool and wildly unhealthy to have grilled cheese for dinner all the time. Maybe if we fancied it up a bit? I’m sure there are restaurants or gourmet food trucks of some sort that all they do are variations of fancy grilled cheese.

Tonight, we were out for dinner again. Not good. But good. I’ve been wanting curry (I might go buy one of those boxed of Japanese curry from the store maybe to make it at home) or butter chicken or pork bone soup. I’ve been wanting like rice with saucy things, but somehow we ended up at ramen.

Now, I love noodles so I can’t complain (much), but I’m really looking forward to that rice come FND tomorrow night.







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