May Two Four (181&182&183&184)

This is what happens when I don’t update everyday. I kind of forget what happens, and when the weekend has been as long as it has it’s even harder to recall all the details of the days.

Friday night we had FND, of course. I trained LG to do the meds since we were a bit late and Dad was helping Yeh to cook. LG had idle hands, so he took over medication duty. I helped Yeh dish out the veggie, but I started to struggle so he took over.


On Saturday, LG got to work finishing up organizing all of our papers and stuff. We wanted to visit the brand new baby but the timing didn’t work out. So we ate a little mish mash lunch at home. LG made fresh bruschetta and mini grilled cheeses again with a side of fries. He cleaned up a bit, and we settled on the couch to watch a bit of the game. I fell asleep on the couch, but we had to go to the mall to get my phone so he woke me up to get ready.


Later on that evening, we went over to his brother’s house for a backyard party – grown up style, meaning no bouncy castles. Sad, haha. There was so much yummy food, but I didn’t want to be one of those so I didn’t take too many photos. There was so much variety that our plates got all messy and not cute, so I got a simple plate with two highlight foods to get a picture :).


It got a little chilly even with the blankets, and I was sleepy so we were one of the firsts to leave. Ugh, we’re such old people!

Sunday was a really long day; so long that by the time it was early evening, I thought it was Monday already! We started with church and then went to dim sum for lunch on the condition that we could order fried noodles (I’m not such a dim sum fan).


After lunch we had some time before we had to meet up with his grandparents, so we headed over to Yeh’s. They were spending the afternoon doing the garden and then preparing for the BBQ. They’d already finished all the hard work, so it was nice to just sit and enjoy the outside with everyone.


We couldn’t stay long but tried to help get stuff ready as much as we could before we left, including making the punch (you’re all welcome, since it tasted awesome :p). We drove to the restaurant, and I don’t know if it’s my old age but I do not do well with long car rides anymore. Plus, LG’s car’s air conditioning  is acting up so we were both melting! That’s not complaining though, considering we had snow just a couple weeks ago.

The early dinner went well, and it was nice to see his grandparents. We hadn’t seen them since the end of March!

We were able to go back to Yeh’s, but it was just was everyone was packed up and leaving. We sat a little bit, and GJ and J caught us up on how everything went. They’d packed us some food too. Once we  got home and transferred it to a container, I shoved one of the wings in my face. It was so yum. Ugh.


The day still wasn’t over at this point (see what I meant by a really long day??); this was also the part of the day that I thought it was Monday night already. Mom wanted to go watch a movie. We were all supposed to go, but it turns out my sister in an old lady too because she opted out to sleep instead. But who am I to talk, I was like half asleep by the time the movie finished and knocked out the moment we got home.

Today, we got to sleep it. It was such a good sleep in too. We got ready to go meet MIL for a very late, very belated Mother’s day lunch. We got to the restaurant, and it was closed until mid-afternoon. MIL pulled into the parking lot not too long afterwards, and we drove over to the next plaza over to find something else to eat.


She caught us up on all the conversation we missed at the early dinner the day before. The table was kind of long and it was really loud in the restaurant, so it was hard to hear each other. It was a good lunch, but hopefully we can rain check and go back to the one restaurant we’d wanted to go to originally. Next time!

We went to go keep my mom and sister company while they ate lunch. Not like I don’t see them all the time! When we tried to leave, some guy had left his car running and parked behind our cars. What is that? Not cool. Whatevs.

LG and I got home and got to work….after I DIY-ed a tank top for him! It turned out horrible but wearable, so he wore it lol.

I cleaned our first floor – put the shoes away, cleared the hallway, cleaned the kitchen counters, tidied the living room, cleared the junk at the bottom of the stairs, and then vacuumed! LG started work on our backyard. It is embarrassing, but I’m posting a photo as encouragement to actually get it done.


It just looks so sad.


Not to worry! It’ll be done! I know it. Plus when we went to the store to buy the yard disposal bags, we saw all these backyard gazebos and comfy looking furniture that really inspired us. We’re so excited to actually be able to use that space. I know LG would love to finally be able to BBQ back there. Maybe if his brothers and my cousins help out (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) we can have an end of summer BBQ (or even early fall might be acceptable!). Exciting new steps for our home!

It’s early evening now, but hopefully we keep it low-key for the rest of the evening.

We’re so thankful to God for always providing for us. He’s always in control and watching over us, every new step in our relationship. Praise God. He is good, all the time!




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