A Wish Your Heart Makes

Drafted blog post about my first pregnancy.

May 2016

Last night, I dreamed about a boy. I dreamed nothing about the labor and delivery, only about the baby boy I held in my arms. He was 9lbs! NINE! He had a head full of hair and a thin line of hair above his lip.

I had a 9lb baby boy with a mustache. What?

In another part of my dream, my mom was in charge of a party, and I wasn’t sure if it was before baby or after baby (I knew that I’m still in early pregnancy and haven’t told anyone, but chronologically in the dream there was a baby). She had all these games planned, including a table game where they had to decorate the buns for me and LG to choose our favourite. Funny. Maybe at the one month dinner.

Another dream I had was during an ultrasound (which hadn’t happened yet). The ultrasound technician was telling us that it was a boy.

I asked her, “are you sure it’s not just a toe or something?”

She replied, “nope, it’s definitely a boy!”

So there’s that…

I dreamed about another ultrasound. Not much happened in this dream, other than the technician telling us that she saw two sacs!



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