Drafted blog post about my first pregnancy.

The two week wait was killing me. I kept Googling to see how early you could take a test during those two weeks. I was all hopeful because I was reading that even if you test early and get a negative it could just mean that your body hasn’t produced enough hormone to be detected.

With that in mind, I caved on the day my period was due. It tested negative. Sad. I told LG, and he was all, “Why do you do it without me?” I told him it was because I wanted to take the test and then just leave it lying around for him to find haha.

I took another test when I found out someone else was pregnant she her last period was the same time as mine! It was negative too. But how could that be? That would mean I wasn’t pregnant, right? But then maybe my cycle is just longer than her’s and I ovulated later so I conceived later.

I resolved to not take anymore tests and to just wait for my period to come. If it didn’t come…

I was feeling tired, which is saying a lot. I’m one of those night owls who can stay up to all hours of the early morning, but here I was stopping movies in the middle (something I’ve never done) to sleep. My chest was feeling really sore and tender. I didn’t know what to think. Was it all in my head? Maybe I was just kind of sad because of all the negative pregnancy tests.

On Friday (May) the 13th, I was having a particularly strange day. I was really tired. I was in a dress because the sun deceived me, and I was so cold. I choked on a corn nut while driving. I dropped my phone. I had a really bad headache. It just wasn’t a good day. I got home and I took another test, hoping to make my day a bit better but also preparing myself for another negative test.

But it wasn’t.


It wasn’t even clearly a big fat positive (BFP) either, but it was so much more than the single lines I’ve been seeing for so long.

I’m pregnant!


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