Getting Started

Drafted blog post about my first pregnancy.

MARCH 7, 2016

Before we got married, I made a list of everything we had to get done – booking things, buying things, getting forms, and all of that. Also on that list was birth control.

I made appointments and saw doctors and got my body ready for the pill. I bought a few (okay, more than a few) packs of Alesse so that I was ready for our first year of marriage without having to worry about going back and getting refills. In my head, all the calculations were good; the timing all made sense.

About a month after we were married, I realized that I would be 26 soon and if I took all of the packs I wouldn’t be off until I was 27 which meant that the baby wouldn’t come until I was 28 (maybe almost 29). That was just too long. The timeline didn’t make sense anymore. We started to talk about our baby plan. When did we want baby to come? Was the end of this year too soon? Did we want to wait until next year?

We decided that we would try this summer (2016).

But things never really go according to plan, do they? Some things came up, we saw the need to rearrange our plan. The time that we originally planned for overlapped with a lot of family plans in 2017 – the baby would come right in the middle of everything else; so we either had to plan for a baby earlier or wait longer to have a baby after.

You can see by the title of this post that we decided to have a baby earlier 😀

I just stopped the pill this weekend and went to see the doctor today. She suggested that instead of the daily vitamin (they’re gummies I might add) that we’re taking now I start a pre-natal vitamin instead. I stopped by Walmart on the way home and picked up a pack of Materna.


LG actually called when I was at Walmart contemplating between the fancy brand and the plain brand. The doctor had said they’re all pretty much the same, and even when I compared the labels they both had the same amount of everything except for the vitamin B12 (I think, if memory serves me right). We decided that we’ll see how far the 100 vitamins would take us and go from there (apparently you can/should keep taking these vitamins throughout the pregnancy and postpartum as well).



At dinner, I took the Materna with a glass of strawberry milk to commemorate the occasion with a cute picture! I sent that photo through text to my mom – who apparently doesn’t want to be surprised with anything and just wants to know everything.

She recognized the vitamin in the photo and asked if it was Materna. Good eye, Momma!


I had a headache throughout the day. I feel like it’s probably just my body further withdrawing from the pill. Hopefully my body does an A+ job and regulating itself back to normal, and we can get this show on the road!



P.S. How cute is the title of this series, really though? Do you get it? LG is loh gong or husband in Chinese. LP is loh poh or wife in Chinese (which you guys like never see me use because I don’t refer to myself in posts). And we’re trying for LO – our little one!

LG + LP = LO ~ Loh Gong + Loh Poh = Little One ♥


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