The Big Reveal(s)

Drafted blog post about my first pregnancy.


While I was scooping rice out at Friday night dinner and my sister was standing next to me waiting to take the bowls to the table, I leaned over to her ear.

She basically slapped me away as she leaned back.

I tried again twice. She thought I was going to kiss her! I told her I have a secret. She gave in and leaned towards me, “I’m pregnant. Don’t tell Mom.”

She peered at me and then exclaimed, “Why would you tell me? I’m the worst person to tell!”

I have a feeling she’s probably going to deal with all this about the same as when we got engaged and were wedding planning – quiet and off to the side, but super supportive in every other way that I need to me. She’s my sister, and she speaks for the Nicole!


Somehow (not pointing fingers), we got this bright idea to scare my mom before surprising her – definitely something she’ll always remember.

We had a family meeting in her room, and my sister said that she had something to tell her. With my most serious face (but really, I should be an actor), I told her don’t freak out.

My mom looked to the ceiling and breathed out, “oh my goodness, you’re pregnant!” Then she fell back on her pillows and muttered a whole bunch of other stuff and something along the lines of, “you can’t be serious.”

That’s when my sister said, “I’m not. They’re GJ’s.”

Without getting up from her pillows, my mom looked at me and I had a huge smile on my face. Before she said anything else, “That’s not nice!”

She calmed down after a little bit and after a lot more of the whole that’s not nice thing. We sat and she tried to math to figure out when baby would come. We talked about the zodiac sign of the baby (still a monkey, since baby would come early to mid January). She gave me random tips about taking care of a baby instead of tips on how to be pregnant. Of course, we also talked about how big I’ll probably get (-.-), and then she complained about how she threw up for seven months with my sister.

The next day after she was up all night thinking about it, she calmed down some more and gave us big hugs.

Dad, Yeh:

My sister had found a bird’s egg on the ground and brought it in to show everyone, “I’m going to be a mommy!” Such a silly girl.


At the same time, Yeh and Dad were struggling to open a can of corned beef: “Which way does it go to open?” It was at this point when I said, “She’s not going to be a mommy, but I am!”

Dad looked up right away to make sure I was being serious, “What?” That’s when my grandfather happily figured out the can, “It’s this way to open!” When the shock of the news wore off, he hugged me and shook LG’s hand.


I hadn’t dreamed about my grandmother in a long time, but she was there in this one dream. We were cleaning up after FND, and everyone was really agitated and annoyed with each other. I was yelling at people; it was awful. Something happened, and there was water going everywhere from the sink. And then it was just me, everyone else was gone except my grandmother who stayed to help me. I was crying because emotions were so high and I was feeling so stressed out. All I had was this one towel to soak up the water and then wring it out again and again.

I’m on my knees, cleaning and crying, and then I realized that my grandmother was right there with me and she didn’t know yet. I looked up at her. She looked right back at me, and I told her, “嫲嫲, I’m pregnant!”

I don’t know what happened after that. I was so overwhelmed; I woke up crying.


GJ came to dinner and bit later. She was distracted and trying to message someone on her phone while holding a watermelon. I took the watermelon to help her out a bit, and she kept shushing us when we tried to talk. Eventually my sister just said, “That’s what she’s going to look like in a few months!” That caught her attention! She stopped texting and asked all the same questions that you do when you find out someone is pregnant to hug me.


Suk was in charge of the fancy drinks for the BBQ. Since he’d missed FND the other night, he was out of the loop still. He brought out these slushy drinks that looked really yummy, but I told him I couldn’t have any. He shrugged at me and said it was fine but the drinks were only 5%. I said slowly and emphasized my words, “I know, but I caaaaaan’t.” It finally clicked, and he congratulated us. Easy, peasy.


We were out for a late night snack. I’d been telling her that we’re on a tight budget, especially this month, because our mortgage payments would be coming out three times. While we were eating and her head was down, I pulled my pregnancy tests out of my purse and said, “there’s another reason LG thinks we should be on a tighter budget.” She didn’t look up right away, but when she did look up her eyes got all wide and she was so excited.

She told me the next morning that she woke up thinking about it all excited still!

MIL, FIL, Grandparents, and Twins:

We were out for an early dinner and when everyone was just about finished eating, LG suggested that we play a game (I made the game up). Some people would get a word on a piece of paper and from there it would kind of be like mad libs where you have to make something up to put all the words together. We gave his grandmother and grandfather both the word ‘great’, and for his parents the word ‘grand’. They were supposed to find it odd that they got the same words and try to make the connection that way. When it wasn’t working out so well, LG just spat it out and told them. They were all very excited to hear! The twins said that they called it because we didn’t include them in the game. (LG was supposed to say that if the original players couldn’t come up with a mad lib, the remaining players would get a chance to steal; I know most complicated made up game ever.)

J and K:

LG and J were catching up about life. J was gushing and loving about C. I watched the two of them talk and I could see in LG’s face that he was so tempted to tell him about the pregnancy. Totally called it and J called it to because when J asked LG what was knew, he read it all over his face.

LG came over to me and told me he let the baby out of the bag so I had to go tell K next. When she was in between conversations, I went over to her and held her close, “Don’t react, okay?” Her face got all serious, but while we held eye contact and she realized the news, she started to react all happy! I had to stop her and cover her mouth! She hugged me and whipped out her phone right away to find out what we would have. The one site she went to according to my age and the month we conceived seems to predict a boy. Oh boy.


We hadn’t seen S in a little while, but we didn’t want to keep her out of the loop. We sent her a message. Something along the lines of “Hey, what are you up to today?” She didn’t reply right away, so the next message went with this picture: “Whatever you’re doing today is probably not what you’ll be doing some time January 2017!”



My cousin was back from ‘abroad’ so we all got together for a famjam. It was a little chaotic with flight cancellations and food orders and prior engagements, but we managed to get most of us together.

At this point, it was a do we tell them or just wait a little bit longer until everyone is here.

Like I said it was a messier kind of jam, so people were leaving early and had dinner plans and stuff…so as one of my aunts was leaving and as the cake was being cut and served, I kind of just pulled her arm and said, “Wait! I’m pregnant!”

After that it was just a rush of ahh’s and hugs all around.



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