Drafted blog post about my first pregnancy.

The TWW. The two week wait.

That’s all I’ve read about online, but never really understood. Basically after you obsess and ‘try’ up until ovulation, there are two weeks between then and when you can take a pregnancy test. Taking a test before that could result in a false negative because it would be too early for the test to detect and pregnancy hormone.

So that’s where we’re at now, and I think it’s driving both of us crazy.

LG is doing a much better job keeping calm on the outside, but I have been trying my hardest not to fret about it.

But last night, we had a really big, upsetting fight…over a bowl.

It was so ridiculous. We were both so heated. We were both so emotional. We didn’t go to bed angry though. We talked about it. We fixed it.

I realized though that we’ve just been so on the edge during this two week wait. There’s no more trying we can do now before my period is due. By now the egg has come and gone, and really we can’t try again until the next cycle.

I am so thankful for such a loving and always supportive husband. I appreciate that he is trying so hard to hold it together so that I don’t freak out.

All in his time. We give him full control.


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