During my 6th week, I had a bit of spotting. Just lightly tinted red, no real bloodiness. There was no cramping, and it faded out over the next couple of days.

But a phone call to tele-health suggested that I make a visit to my doctor anyways, just to be safe.

My doctor sent me to do an ultrasound. I went on June 2nd, during my 7th week. The tech had a good poker face, and I couldn’t see the screen. She kept telling me that she would let LG in after she finished the scan. She finished the pelvic scan and suggested we do a transvaginal ultrasound to get a better look. She told me that usually the baby is so small at this point that she would hear the heartbeat before she even saw it, but during my scan she only thought maybe she heard it. She suggested I do a follow up ultrasound in 10 to 14 days to make sure it was developing properly.

Not good news, but not awful. I mentally prepared myself for bad news at the next one, but hoped and prayed for that kind of preparation to be unnecessary.

I had my second ultrasound today, June 13th during my 9th week of pregnancy.

LG was allowed in the room with me this time. She did the pelvic ultrasound. She did the transvaginal ultrasound. And then she told me that unfortunately there were no changes since the last visit. She said that my doctor will get the results and to call to set up an appointment tomorrow.

I made the appointment, but I didn’t have to because my doctor called me a couple of hours later.

She told me the same thing – no changes in development. But she also added there was no fetal heartbeat detected. Nature will take its course. If I had been a few weeks further along, they probably would have had to go in to remove it; but it’s still early so my body will take care of itself.


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