With our first anniversary just around the corner (45 days, actually; I just looked it up), I thought it might be fitting to finally get a post up about our wedding day!

I found myself alone the morning of our wedding. We didn’t have a bridal party, so there was no gathering of girls scrambling to get hair and make up done; it was just me. I’d made a very last minute appointment to get my hair done at the salon just down the street. I dressed in sweats and the scrumpiest zip-up hoodie you ever did see (to avoid any hair mussing a pull-over anything might do to the end product) and drove myself over there.

I had nothing to do, nothing to worry about all day long until it was time to go to the venue. We had dropped off most of the stuff (popcorn favors, my dresses, table chart, guest mirror for signing) days before, and LG had taken care of all the last minute details so that I wouldn’t be stressed over anything. Regardless, I started to freak out a bit and get overwhelmed on the car-ride up to the golf club. I was still on my own – I don’t remember exactly why this had to be, but it was. I called one of my co-workers who had no worries about wedding day other than what she was going to wear herself, so I deemed her all the time in the world to distract me and make my laugh. She worked her magic, calmed my nerves, and made me laugh until I was just about to pull into the parking lot and saw the sign.


There were our names!

The rest of the time is a bit of a blur. In some sort of order: my mom and sister were there, my cousins got there in time to help me get my make up done and get into my dress, the photographers arrived and took photos of me and my bridal beauty.

It was November, and the daylight was fleeting – especially with the dark clouds looming. We knew that would be a definite possibility when we chose the date.


We also chose to forego the ‘first look’ opportunity, so unfortunately we didn’t get to have very many photos together and married in the natural light. But we for sure got some pretty good ones, if I do say so myself!

Everyone started arriving all at once (or so I’m told, since I was hiding away upstairs). My family came up to see me before the ceremony, and then it was time. I barely remember the ceremony. My cousin’s husband played the ukulele as my husband, his parents, his grandparents, and my sister and grandfather walked down the aisle. My cousin played So This Is Love from Cinderella on his trumpet as I walked down the aisle with my mom and dad. My memory of walking down that aisle is based solely on one sense – seeing my husband waiting for me; I don’t remember walking or how I was feeling or the song that played (to be fair, it sounded wonderful when he practiced for us a couple of nights before). Still, it’s a good memory – he cried :’)


We exchanged traditional vows and letters that we wrote to each other. We shared our first kiss as a married couple. My grandfather and his grandfather joined us to be our witnesses and sign our marriage license with us.


We quickly ran outside to take some photos together while our guests gathered themselves accordingly to get ready for group pictures.

There was a tea ceremony and a dinner and some games and speeches by both my father and his…and I was tired by 10:30.


Our wedding night was also our first ever night in our own home! My cousin and her husband had borrowed our key to decorate our room for us. They scattered white and silver rose petals all over the room with cute touches of streamers and “Just Married” balloons too. And it pretty much stayed like that for a while…



Click through for links to our florist, photographer, and venue; but not for who did my make up or who made our cake because those were family love gifts right there. I found my dress just a month or so after I got engaged here, and I had my hair done here.





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