*This might be a bit of a TMI kind of post. Be warned.*

I’m back in our washroom in my little nest on the floor. The internet is being lazy, so what else is there to do but blog a bit.

LG has caught a bit of a cold. He took some medicine after helping me get settled and knocked right out. He wanted to sleep on the floor next to me; but we don’t have enough blankets to make a nest for him, and he’s sick so he needs all the rest he can get since he isn’t taking any sick days from work. I told him I’ll be okay, and I’d probably be back in bed sometime during the night.

It’s weird that I’m back in here tonight. Last time (I know I refer to last time a lot, but it’s all I have to use as a reference), I bled heavily on the Saturday and it kind of let up from the rest of the week. I passed some tissue on a couple of days during the week, but it wasn’t followed by any excessive bleeding. But tonight, I felt a lot of cramping and that familiar gush. I didn’t give it too much thought – I’d been bleeding on and offish for days, LG also thought the cramping was because I went on the exercise bike today…apparently it worked your lower abdomen.

The cramping got worse and more blood was coming out so, LG helped me get upstairs.

I cleaned myself up and got into bed. We were supposed to go over to my mom’s for dinner, but I figured we could just rest a little before. That’s when I started cramping, badly – more pain than I felt on Saturday. I writhed in bed, waiting for it to stop or let up even a tiny bit. LG pulled me off the bed, and I could feel something wanting to come out. As soon as I got back on the toilet, something slipped out of me – more tissue (or products of pregnancy as the ultrasound technicians like to call it). Still, the pain didn’t go away. It was starting to feel a bit more like contractions at this point (I’m guessing). I could feel how tight my uterus was getting and every so often for a couple of minutes it didn’t hurt so much.

It was not fun.

LG even suggested we go to the hospital to see a doctor. But what could a doctor do? I think he was just worried because it was happening days after all the initial bleeding. He ultimately decided to get me the Tylenol 3, which I gladly accepted – if only it worked instantaneously. I passed even more blood and another rather large piece of tissue.

I got a little weak. My eyes felt tired and heavy, and LG had to stand in front of me so that I didn’t fall over.

The bleeding was still pretty heavy that I didn’t trust myself on the bed, so he settled me onto the washroom floor and then went to heat up some soup for me. He was still worried; it is a rather confusing situation. But I told him that I’d rather my body naturally get rid of it all now than to go to the ultrasound in about a week and have them tell me that they need to do the D&C after all that we went through.

So yeah, I’m still in my little nest.

I don’t know if getting on that dumb exercise bike is what triggered my cramps/contractions or if the cramps were going to happen regardless, but if they didn’t happen at all…those pieces of tissue, those products would have stayed inside me; I would have had to get a D&C. Praise God that my body is taking care of itself. Praise God that my husband was home from work when it all started. He’d finished his day a bit earlier since he isn’t feeling well; if he had left at the regular time, I would have had to go through all of that on my own.

God works in mysterious ways. He is taking care of me. He knows what I need.


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