What is Regular?


One of the questions at my first fertility appointment was simply, “Are you regular?”.

Uh, how was I supposed to answer that? I used to be, but I’ve been on birth control and been pregnant and had miscarriages over the last 18-24 months…so how am I supposed to gauge regularity from that? I guess the simple answer to the simple question is: before all that, I was regular – every 35ish days.

How about a little history (in case you’re interested, but mostly so I don’t have to keep scrolling back in my period app):

  • End of June 2015: period came right on schedule, after day 35
  • Mid-October 2015: after 105 days, I got my period (self-diagnosed stress from wedding planning and other stuff perhaps)
  • Mid-October 2015: as soon as that period ended, I started the pill (Alesse)
  • November 2015-March 2016: realized that we wanted to start trying; so after my ‘period’ at the beginning of march, I stopped birth control
  • April 2016: first real period after getting off birth control came right after day 35

First and Second Pregnancies

  • May 13, 2016: my first ever Big Fat Positive (day 39); I’d been experiencing slight symptoms the days before I did the test
  • July 16, 2016: I was pregnant (counting from the first day of my last period) for 102 days; my body wasn’t passing tissue on it’s own, so I took the misoprostol to take care of it
  • Mid-August 2016: first period after miscarriage came after day 36
  • End of September 2016: period after day 37


  • November 4, 2016: second BFP (day 39)
    • You can read about my second pregnancy too and how my fears became a reality in a matter of weeks
  • December 3, 2016: instead of waiting for my body to pass the tissue naturally (which it was so reluctant to do the first time), as soon as the ultrasounds confirmed that the sac was empty I prepared for the misoprostol experience to happen again
  • Mid-January 2017: first period after miscarriage came after day 48
  • March 2017: period after day 42


At this point, I’m not sure what is going on with my body. Has my cycle gotten longer? Is my body taking longer to regulate itself?

I’m back in that spot, craving that positive test. Ultimately, it’s all about what happens after I get pregnant again (not if, I don’t question my body’s capability of that yet…); was it just bad luck or is there really something wrong?


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