Beauty and the Hulk

I know things have been a little heavy around here lately (understatement, much?)…so let’s talk about something else!

It’s my birthday soon!!! In about three weeks, I’ll be 27 years old.

Twenty. Seven.

We don’t usually do much. The last few years, we’d just go to one of our usual restaurants or I’d ask my mom to make something special.

This year, though, the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out. Super. Excited. I even went as far as to look online for a yellow dress of some sort to wear to the movie (you know, like all those Harry Potter fans with their wands and robes and silly things). I found this potato sack-like dress which was pretty lame, and eventually I was on a costume website browsing through actual Belle costumes. Ridiculous. I resolved to just bring one of my Disney Belle plushies along to the movies when we do go. I asked LG to bring home a single rose too. He asked if I wanted him to pull off all the petals except one so that it would be accurate to the movie. I rolled my eyes so hard. He also said that he’d bring his Hulk plush doll to the movie – Beauty and the Hulk. Sigh.

Admittedly, that is kind of the theme of our house…the stairs at least.

Which ones should we bring though? I kind of want to bring all of them…





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