Old Lady

Its so weird that I’m 23. I’m old…or at least getting older.

I think I’ve literally started to lose count.

My mind is stuck at 21. Forever 21.

Last night, I was on my own tumblr and it says: Nicole.22. And it hit me, omg I’m not 22…I’m 23.

This is just a long post about me subtly freaking out that I can’t remember how old I am and that I have to mentally calculate 1990 to 2013 means I’m 23.

What am I doing with my life?


Old post from my tumblr, dated April 19, 2013.


One thought on “Old Lady

  1. I stopped counting at 21 as well. Funny how we are the “same” age 😂 although, I think my body says otherwise. 😔😭

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